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September 2012 Babies -Part 6! The Final Chapter?

Category: Due Date Clubs - September
Posted by Leniana » Jul. 24, 2012 2:06am

I can't believe we are in the home stretch! Only six to ten (or maybe even fewer) more weeks to go!

Here is the due date list from the last thread with a couple people added in (I couldn't find the latest update so if I missed anyone speak up!)

Leniana- September 3rd - Boy!

Tyesmommy15- September 3rd- Girl!

Elizabethwig- September 6th- Girl!

Auburnmama- September 7th- Boy!

Damebacker-September 11th-Boy!

knicole27- September 14th- Boy!

Dsdaye- September 14th- It's a surprise! :)

Britney- September 16th- Girl!

Excitedmommy2be- September 16th- Boy!

Babyho3- September 17th- Girl!

Jambolina81- September 21st- Girl!

Beckster- September 22nd- Boy!

MrsMeggiemac- September 22nd- Boy!

Coomy08- September 25th- Boy!

gppacen- September 25th- It's a surprise!

Courtney12- September 28th- Boy!

Mrs.Mom- September 29- It's a surprise!

Tallesss- October 10th- Girl?

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by Coomy08 » Jul. 24, 2012 3:01am

So close to the end! I'm down to 8ish weeks till I get to meet lil man and I'm defiantly ready. I can't wait for my u/s next week so I can see if this kid is as long as he feels like he is, some of the moves he does feel like he's stretching my stomach like a rubber-band and it kinda hurts at times and he always has his butt pushed out silly kid :)

Can't believe we had another faker,you'd think people would have something better to do than get on here and try to manipulate us real preggers into feeling sorry for them! I too thought her last few posts were a bit suspicious, and if I was in the hospital for something like that I don't think I'd feel like updating every hourish like she did. oh well she's gone now and hopefully we can finish out our final chapter without anymore fakers.

*Can't remember who said what on the last thread*

Nesting- haven't had any spurts in awhile but I did finally get the car-seat out of the box and bought some wipes and a pack of diapers(pampers swaddlers w/ the wetness indicator-thats what they used in the nicu for my son and I loved them then so thought I'd try them again at least for sizes NB-1 maybe size 2.)
-Bought some of that vanilla oatmeal baby soap( I think its johnson and johnson) but it smells so good and can go for either boy or girl.
*Not much left to do to get ready for baby Zane
-Need to get curtains and a throw rug for room, and just finish the woodwork then just need to put a dresser(I like the plastic ones you can get from walmart so when baby's done with it you can use it in an office or bathroom or whatever tickles your fancy afterward)in the room for diapers,rash creams, socks,etc.
-need to wash the 3-6 month stuff and gt that put up
-then that just leaves me with stocking up and organizing everything.

AFM- still having the pelvic pain(tylenol didn't help much), but it was suggested that I try an ice pack and thankfully it helped make the pain tolerable. Pregnancy brain is really starting to take over, makes it hard to concentrate on my schoolwork- which thankfully this is my last week till fall semester starts up in a month. Thinking when I see my ob next week I'm going to ask if I can get my tubes tied when they do my c-section..not sure what Indiana's rules are when it comes to something like that-I'll be a month shy of being 23 when I have the c-section, I will have 2 kids, and my husband and I both agree that we don't want anymore after baby Zane arrives. I love my kids but me and pregnancy just aren't the greatest of friends especially this time around.
Also thinking about having a pot luck and we can cook out, cornhole, bon fire, and since we have only told a couple people lil mans name I could reveal the name then on a cake. Don't want to do a baby shower, but want to do something enjoyable to celebrate my lil man coming soon and this way people can have fun and eat and if they want to bring diapers or some other essential to help us stock up would be great to.

well I've rambled enough for the night, think I'll hit the sheets and try and get some sleep..Night ladies


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Zane Daniel:C-Section scheduled September 19th

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Reply by AuburnMama » Jul. 24, 2012 2:00pm

I know! We're all so close! 45 days here! WOW! Sometimes it feels like it's flown by, but other days it feels like "OMG I've been preggo FOREVER!!!!"

Coomy--the get together/cookout sounds like a great idea! I bet some people will even bring some giftcards and stuff even if you don't ask, but if anything, having some good adult time is at a premium right now!!

I've been thinking about BC after baby as well. I really don't want to get back on the pill, I felt so much better since I got off of it and I'm not all hip to added hormones anymore, so I'm going to talk to my Doc about an old fashioned copper IUD. We'd like to have one more kid, and with our ages it would be within the next two years, so the IUD makes sense. I'm going to bring this up Friday at my appt and see his take on it.

Is anyone else getting all the predictions on labor time from EVERYONE?!? I've heard "oh you're low, you won't make it 45 days" and "oh, let me tell you my delivery story..." and "oh, I bet you won't labor long, you're active and low and blah blah blah..." It's amazing how everyone becomes an OB!!

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I'm having a Boy!
EDD: Sept. 7--Being Induced Sept. 3!!

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Reply by knicole27 » Jul. 24, 2012 4:26pm

Coomy - im glad the ice packs gave you relief ! I know that this is my first pregnancy but liam has been making it easy for me not to want to do this again haha ..well at least not anytime too soon . I think the only time I felt "fabulous" was maybe two weeks during the 2nd trimester bahaha but in reality I think we do want one more but I dont even wanna think about that anytime too soon . Give me a few yrs .

Auburnmama- in one of my classes they told us to know what we will want to do in the form of birth control after birth and im with you . Being off the pill made me feel sooo much better! Idk what im gonna do yet . I know after I amd not going to do anything for BC but thats because only like a week after I deliver my hubby will be headed back to korea for another six or so months so really no reason to be on any bc during that time . But def have to think about when he returns home I'm april so's I have time to ponder . And yes everyone does seem to think they are OBs...all I keep hearing is "this is your first ...the first is always late " lol we will see I guess ...

AFM- Ihave not heard anything about my GTT done a week ago now . Im assuming I passed because if I did not im sure they would call me to want to schedule a 3 hour since.im already almost 33 weeks right ??? Also how many times a day do your lil ones get hiccups ? Because mine does every single day about two to four times a day . I guess according to my midwife everyday hiccups are normal but stupid me decided to search these things online and I found some where that constant or too many hiccups in a day can be a cause for concern for the cord being obstructed in some way or wrapped around the neck . Freaked me out but like I said it is the internet I guess and my midwife was not concerned . Being a first time mom can be so nerve wracking lol .
I have been starting to get some mild nausea again the last week. Boo . Lol anyways im rambling hope you ladies and babies have a good tuesday :)

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Jul. 24, 2012 5:27pm

Wow...I am in SHOCK about BellaMae! I didn't clue in at all! I just cannot believe there are losers out there that need that much attention they're willing to put so much time into getting it! Good on ya knicole for noticing!

Coomy08 - I have felt the same about the baby's movement...today I noticed it most because it felt like the foot or something was hitting organs and just stretching me to the limit!! I think the baby is running out of room in there lol.

Knicole - I just felt the hiccups for the first time ever on saturday and felt a little bit last night...first time was for about 10min last time was only a couple of minutes. I know searching the internet makes you panic! My OB gives me crap about it. Just call your doc and ask to ease your mind. Good luck on your GTT...when is your next appt? PS...all I hear is that I will go late too with this being my first! I am also being told how long I should stay at work before I go on mat leave based on other people's situations, but I wanted to be done Sept 1 (due Sept 29). I just haven't been sleeping well and back is always sore....my friend told me "work until you go into labour, I wish I did" but...that's not what I want!

AFM - OB said I can take gravol to help me sleep. 2 nights ago I really hardly slept and decided at 3:45am to take one...well I fell asleep around 5am and woke up at 7am for work and was EXHAUSTED...just wanted to stay home and sleep. So last night I took it at 9:30 pm and had a good nights' sleep. I was still up twice to pee but was able to fall back asleep. Felt like the most sleep I've had in FOREVER...I just don't feel good about taking that pill to get sleep :( Gravol's site says not to take while pregnant, but my OB said it's fine! DH cowoker told him it's only in early pregnancy you can't take it...but I still feel not good about it so I'm going to try to avoid using it as often as possible.

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Reply by Leniana » Jul. 24, 2012 5:35pm

Afternoon ladies!

Fakers are so lame... I dunno what she was posting cause I was totally not checking the thread this weekend, but i will say just cause someone is posting a lot from the hospital doesn't mean they are faking (necessarily).

When I was in labor with my first, especially right after the induction, I was completely freaking bored, and I would have killed to have a smart phone back then LOL. All they had was lame daytime TV cause they didn't have cable. Even last time I went in the hospital for a couple hours observation back at 23 weeks, I spent a majority of the time on my phone browsing (no TV in the observation room). You are sitting there all alone hooked up to a monitor (well when I was induced my ex was there but he was still boring haha).

Pack some things to do in your go bag! A few magazines or a light book, a DVD player, something (though nothing that takes a great amount of brain power hehe). You may end up not using them but I know I would have liked to have had something to distract me for the few hours while I was waiting around. You can only walk the halls so long!

Hubby and I are planning to take our laptop to stream music/movies (though I need to remember to ask about WiFi at the hospital at my dr appointment on Friday), and I will also have my phone with of course so I can post updates and browse forums and stuff if I get bored with that. Plus I have the Kindle app on it so I can read if I'm in the mood. I'd bring magazines but I read them too fast so they just don't work for me for more than an hour or two.

BC - I really liked my copper IUD, that is what I had before we started trying to get knocked up. However hubby didn't like it as much because it would poke him. It mainly seemed to happen at certain times of the month and in certain positions. I have heard this can be caused by the strings being cut too short or too long; they are supposed to be able to tuck up against your cervix after a while. I'd like to get another one, but we will see I guess.

I am thinking about the Progesterone only pills since I will be BFing but I am so terrible at remembering pills, and those are really tight on a schedule to be effective. I really don't like the shot since that can cause bone loss, and the implant just sounds ick to me LOL, I don't want to feel a piece of plastic in my arm. I'd really prefer no hormones tbh, maybe I just need to convince the hubby we can fix the IUD strings.

I've also been debating get my tubes tied if I end up needing a C-Section. I am planning to get this done after my third kid regardless, but I kind of feel that if I need a C-Section that I should just go with it and be done LOL. I don't feel like having to worry about doing a VBAC for my next kid (if I am "allowed to").

The really fun part is that since my OB office is affiliated with a Catholic hospital, they don't prescribe BC at all, unless things have changed drastically. So if I want BC pills I will need to schedule an appointment with my family doc who does my regular checkups, and if I decide to go with the IUD I need to make an appointment at Planned Parenthood because the family doc doesn't do them. And I have no idea if they'd do the tubal at all. Guess that is another question to ask Friday. I have a little notebook with questions I have consistently forgotten to bring to my appointments for the last couple of months LOL.

nicole - Yeah, my doc always operates on the no news is good news philosophy, so I'll pre-emptively congrats you for your passing the GTT.

Wyatt has been having hiccups pretty frequently as well. I never heard about the cord thing (and I know his cord was not around his neck from my 3d scans a few weeks ago) but I have read that it is related to their lungs maturing before birth. This makes some sense to me cause hiccups are caused by the diaphragm twitching, which is what pushes the air in and out of your lungs. Everything I've been reading though seems to act like it's pretty normal to be feeling a lot of hiccups now so I'd try not to worry too much.

I have been having a bit of nausea as well, usually subsides if I eat something. Unfortunately I have been gaining weight like mad so that's a double edged sword. I am sure I'm gonna get the weight/portion control lecture again. I am sorry this baby is always hungry!

Auburn - I haven't gotten any predictions but I am feeling like I may go a little early. Of course that could just be wishful thinking cause being huge is getting old! Of course, the hubby insists that baby is coming right on time, because that is when he has arranged his schedule for!

Coomy - Those plastic drawers are great! That's what I got as well hehe. It perfectly held all of the 0-3 month clothing plus the assorted stuff like hats/booties/burpies. I still need to get some more tubs to hold the bigger sized stuff I have til I need to swap it out.

I missed about your pelvic pain, but have you tried a maternity belt? I get that off and on and I got one of the cheapie 20$ ones, and it helps a lot. Can also try a bella band if you already have one of those, but the belt worked better for my figure (bella band always rolls up on me) and probably offers more support. You might also ask your doc, I think some insurances will cover a belt if a doc prescribed it.

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by Britney » Jul. 24, 2012 5:38pm

Hey y'all!! Just wanted to pop in and say hey. Still laying around going crazy! I have a feeling she will keep me on these meds meaning continued bed rest :(. About 30 min or so before my doses I start contracting. Trying to type on my phone and its stressful so I will go! Hope you are all good. Been trying to keep up reading on everyone! Will update after appt Thursday!

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Reply by looney » Jul. 24, 2012 9:20pm

Hey! I was reading the hub-bub about the faker and I noticed you guys talking about the copper IUD. I had it and loved it, especially since there were no hormones at all.

A lot of men complain about the strings of the Mirena, and the Paraguard (copper), but some OB's know how to do this awesome trick. You know how you can take a pair of scissors to wrapping ribbon and it makes it curl and look pretty? Well OB's can take a little tool and essentially do the same thing with the string on the IUD, and it coils up, and sits snuggly next to the cervix. Mine was pointy and hurt my SO until my dr coiled it for me. No more pointy ends! :)

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Reply by Leniana » Jul. 24, 2012 10:18pm

Looney that is good to know about the IUD strings! I will call and find out if the PP would do that for me when they put it in or if it would require a follow up, and also when they'd recommend scheduling the visit for after delivering. I'd like to get it reinstalled as soon as possible if I am going to do it, and probably as soon as possible after birth just to minimize any extra mess I'd have to deal with - my first one made my period come early but it was super regular afterward.

I will have to talk to my docs too to see if it would be an issue with them if I got it before the postpartum checkup. I have read that there are some women who get it put in right after giving birth... Man that would be nice, it would not hurt at all compared to what you just went through. After I have all the information then maybe I'll have a better chance of talking the hubby into it. I already told him if I got the pills he'd probably have to wait an extra month or use condoms, he was none too thrilled hehe.

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Jul. 24, 2012 10:34pm

nicole - since you've asked about hiccups...my baby has had them twice today...in fact it's happening right now! It also happened around 1pm (it's 6:30pm now). I just started noticing them saturday so I have definitely noticed it is happening frequently.

I have the book "what to expect when you're expecting" and it says hiccups can happen several times a day, every day. Others never get them at all...so I'm sure all is ok :)

Leniana - good tip about bringing something to do at the hospital!

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Jul. 25, 2012 3:28am

I've been wondering about BC too. I took the mini pill while I was breastfeeding and it made me have two periods a month, though everyone is different. After bleeding for 5 weeks after delivery and then going into bleeding twice a month for four months, I finally threw up my hands and said no more. My doc suggested the shot, but I have read horror story after horror story of women having a difficult time conceiving after using it. So I opted for paraguard, and it made my periods super long. And I would have pain on my right side off and on. The doc eventually had to pull it out because it slipped. My friend's also slipped. Again, that's not to say it could happen to y'all. But, I don't know what to do. Leery of paraguard now and will not be getting the mini pill. I tried BC after paraguard and just one pill made me feel like crap. I'm thinking about BBT and using condoms. :( I wouldn't mind another baby. If I had three kids, then I would consider something more permanent, but after two, I'm not sure I'm ready to be done or ready for something like a tubal or vasectomy for DH. I wish I wouldn't have had issues with the paraguard. :(

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Reply by Leniana » Jul. 25, 2012 2:08pm

Britney - Hang in there hun :) At least you're in the home stretch so soon enough they can let you go with no harm to baby!

jambolina - I wish my hubby would consider a vasectomy, he's a big baby about it when i bring it up. Cause it would be so much worse than what I go through to have a kid! At least tubals aren't as tough to get over as they were, I think some docs can do them with the laproscopes now or whatever it is where they just make tiny cuts, and you are only out of commission for a couple of days rather than weeks with the old way.

I didn't have any real problems with my paraguard, besides the strings poking. My periods got heavier but they were shorter, and I was perhaps a slight bit crampier than before. Perhaps you could try the Mirena, it's been known to lighten or actually stop some women's periods altogether... tempting but I think I would be too worried about that hehe. It's also a bit smaller and plastic so maybe you wouldn't have the pains in your side.

Actually had a little bit of energy last night, so I cleaned up in the kitchen a bit and worked on putting together my birthday computer (mine got fried and the case broke last week due to a bunch of stupid things happening lol; luckily we have the laptop and I can post at work!). Still need a couple parts for it which were ordered. I wasn't really sure I needed a new one but hubby said I'd get bored if I didn't have one when I was off for three months.. I dunno, I hardly ever use it anymore it feels like. I work on the computer all day, when I am at home I just want to veg in front of the tv or sleep anymore. I can't imagine I'd have more energy after the baby comes and I'm getting minimal sleep!

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by tallesss » Jul. 25, 2012 5:02pm

hey ladies,

yep we're on the home stretch! (me almost).

i've been thinking bout BC too and decided not to get on anything. i'm good with two, hubby's neither here nor there. but i used the shot after DD and did have to use soy iso to help conceive again. I think because i stopped the shots too late to try for a summer baby. but everything in God's timing, he knows best.

i'm a lil freaked out by Bella , and i totally started thinking of those ladies who befriend expectant mothers with the intention of stealing their babies! this world is full of crazy folks

i hope she's not that looney.

anyways, pleasant thoughts, pleasant thoughts my love bug is extremely active, it feels like all day everyday!

i'm job hunting cause I know commuting to downtown (1hr)after the baby will not work for me and the evil bi-atch of a boss i have is determined to block me from getting another position back in the office that's close to my home (7 mins).

i continue to pray and thank God that he has delivered me from her and her assumed 'control'. she is not! MY GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!! I belong to him and he does not forsake his own.

stay blessed ladies

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Reply by dsdaye » Jul. 25, 2012 7:18pm

Hi Ladies,

Wow I can't believe that there was another faker. And here I was worried about her and her baby.

I have a quick question for all of you;

What exactly are you going to pack for your hospital bag? I have checked out sites and there are so many different things that they say we may/may not need that I really have no idea. I also have no idea what the baby will really need. I have started to get things together now even though my due date is not for weeks. I guess I just want to be ready if this little one decides to come early.

Hope that you are all well.

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Jul. 25, 2012 7:52pm

I found this checklist and thought it looked handy. Otherwise, I'm sure those who are already mommy's can offer great advice on what to pack!


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Reply by tallesss » Jul. 25, 2012 8:22pm

Hey Ladies,
From my experience with DD i only needed to pack clothes and toiletries for myself, and a going home outfit for the baby. you can take a sleeper if you want but they are usually swaddled so it's up to you

they provided diapers and nappies and the blankets.
if you have a pump, you can take it with you and also lotion etc for the baby.

That's the most I remember. I had a C so i was there for 3 nights and not 2.

your car seat is a must. don't forget it.

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Jul. 26, 2012 5:53am

Yeah, I pretty much packed what Talless did, and I didn't want for anything. I took one of the those knobby massagers you can get at Bath and Body Works for during labor and a head massager that looks like a whisk. These are supposed to block some of the nerve receptors to the brain while you are in labor. BUT, we accidently left the bag in the car when we arrived at the hospital because it was pouring when we went in. So I didn't get to try them out.

I would pack some nipple cream if you're breastfeeding. Oh and do bring some mittens for the baby. My DD immediately scratched her face after birth, so in all her inital pics, her face is marked up. I'm also packing a tiny tub of Vaseline to put on the baby's bottom after birth. It will help make cleaning up those first few poopy diapers easier. They very tarry and sticky and very hard to clean.

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Reply by Leniana » Jul. 26, 2012 3:00pm

That baby center list is pretty good, some of the stuff you might not end up using or the hospital may provide but if you have all that you won't be missing anything.

Definitely make sure you have some snacks (both for you and the hubby)! My first son was born in the morning and I was in labor all night, so I didn't fill out the little card for meals the next day (and of course the ex didn't even mention there was one). So I ended up not getting any meals sent up until the next day :( The ex did go down and get me some stuff later but it was pretty rough and I was extremely hungry for several hours.

I might also add to bring an extra elastic or hair thingie, lord knows mine always break when I need them most!

I have heard olive oil is the best for the tarry first poops, but my son went to the NICU for a couple days with a fever so I actually didn't have to deal with that last time, so I can't personally verify. The nurses also clipped his nails so he didn't have any scratching, so I didn't need mittens; but they are small so might as well throw them in just in case.

You may not need your pump, my milk didn't really come in til the day after I came home, but I would bring the nipple cream. You may also want to bring your cocoa butter or whatever stretch mark cream you are using, your belly will be all funky and it will help to massage it. Towels and pillows and stuff I wouldn't bring unless you just really won't mind them possibly getting ruined, having to wash all that is going to take a back seat once the baby is home. I may bring a pillow but I am prepared to toss it if it gets messy LOL.

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by AuburnMama » Jul. 26, 2012 3:06pm

The one good thing about our birthing class was they kinda let us know what all we'd need to bring and what they would have. Ironically, I bought stuff and made up most of my bag last night! This is what I have:

Cheap flip flops (shower/walking)
2 pairs of socks
Going home outfit (yoga pants, loose top)
After delivery outfit(s) Nursing cami/comfy pants/hubby's t-shirt (I sleep in these)
Hairbands, travel size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deoderant, toothbrushes (one for me and DH)
nipple cream

going home outfit

Baby book (for footprints)
nurse goodies
pump (our lactation consultant said to bring it and she'll go over it with us and give us all the new tubing/pieces we need)

All this is ready to go...I'll have to add stuff like makeup/hairdryer/phone chargers whenever we leave.

43 days!!

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I'm having a Boy!
EDD: Sept. 7--Being Induced Sept. 3!!

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Reply by MrsMeggieMac » Jul. 27, 2012 4:03pm

Hey girls!

I was starting in on my hospital bag too. I actually bought one of those cute hospital gowns from Pretty Pushers. It was $25 and came with a cheap little headband. It's a halter dress with openings for fetal monitors, epidural access and easy for breastfeeding. It looks more user friendly then the cheek showing hospital gowns.
Also, I'm going to grab a cheap robe that can be disposed of afterwards, and some chap stick because that hospital air dries my lips out like mad!

Any other girls having a boy...are you guys planning on circumcision? I just watched a video on youtube showing how the plastibell procedure is done and it scared me. My hubby told me to stop looking at things that will upset me... All I know is if it happens, I definitely cannot be in the room.

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Reply by Leniana » Jul. 27, 2012 6:49pm

So had my appointment today. BP was slightly higher than my normal (120/84 instead of 110/70ish) but they weren't concerned about it. My platelets were also still low but right at the threshold. They went ahead and took more blood to keep monitoring that and to also check my thyroid levels again since they hadn't done that in about ten weeks (I had hypothyroid with my first but so far have been checking out normal this time, they just want to keep an eye on it).

Still measuring a week and a touch ahead (36 weeks) so nothing new there. I didn't get the weight talk again, hurray! Actually lost a couple pounds of weight over the last half a week so they think I only gained 2 pounds, more like I haven't been eating any freaking snacks in a week :(

One more two week appointment and then I'm on to the every week visits! Next time they are doing my Strep B swab and a "gentle" pelvic exam, so fun. At least it feels like I'm in the home stretch for real now.

Didn't even get asked about any questions, I think they must have been swamped at the hospital or something cause there seemed to be only one doc there and she was running 30 minutes behind (this has never happened to me before). The nurses were cool though, they gave me a room with a procedure chair that leaned back, gave me a pillow, turned down the lights and let me put my feet up and nap! I didn't really sleep but I dozed a bit hehe, it was very relaxing. I even let another lady go ahead of me because she had another appointment she had to get to. I had up to half a day blocked off at work so it was fine with me.

But no questions I guess that means I will have to wait to finalize my birth plan/hospital bag. No biggie though, I have plenty of other stuff to finalize too.

About the circumcision - yeah I still keep going back and forth on it myself. The cleanliness part of it is a big concern but I also don't want to have to pay for it (most insurances do not cover it anymore so please check if yours does if you want it done, else you will get surprised with a nice 150$ bill in the mail like I was after my first). Hubby would like it done but then said he didn't want to deal with the wound care for the first week afterwards (not super difficult but looks terrible ), so now I'm kind of leaning towards screw that, go natural because if I'm going to have to deal with it alone then he doesn't get an opinion LOL.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I get to go to my parents's house; they are having a pool party for my aunt and uncle who I haven't seen in years. It ought to be fun :)

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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