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August Mommies what are the craziest things people have said

Category: Due Date Clubs - August
Posted by curl_gurl » Aug. 1, 2012 4:02pm

As it gets closer to our DD likes list the craziest things people have said. This will be a nice way to keep our minds off the possibility of going into labor.

One lady said to me you still haven't had that baby and I replied no because I'm only 36 weeks so no the baby is not due yet that's why I'm still preggers.

Than this other lady says its not a good time for that its too hot, but before I could even respond several of my co-workers were walking by me speaking. She was lucky b/c I was about to say its nota good time for who you or me, her fat butt is the one bigger than me and she isn't preggers.and this chic has no clue if I was due tomorrow and if I'm not complaining about the weather why are you and are you implying that my DH and I should not have BD in December just to plz you.

People kill me that act like I live in a hut and drive a flintstone car, people i have a house and car w/ A/C and i work at a place were i feel like I'm inside a freezer so that 2 min walk to my car is not going to kill me especially since i go to the gym and sweat so i think this preggers lady can handle the heat...I JUST WANT TO SREAM YOU IDIOTS THE HEAT ISN'T HURTING ME what's bothering me is you and this heartburn.

i think I just had a preggers moment sorry, butt I had to vent on that last crazy thing someone has said to me.

So, come on ladies let's hear your stories so we can all laugh together and relate to one another.

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Reply by sageviolet » Aug. 2, 2012 1:15pm

My craziest comment was in the 2nd tri. DH and I went to an outdoor event and I wore a long jumper since none of my pants fit comfortably. I was sitting on the ground crosslegged and a forgein college student (probably middle eastern) comes over and asks if I have any unusual religious beliefs because I'm wearing a long dress when everyone else is in shorts! I had to explain that I'm pregnant and my pants don't fit, lol!

Good for you, not getting bothered by the heat! That was my attitude, too. I have A/C, I'll be fine. But in the past week, I've started having hot flashes. It doesn't matter how hot or cold it is in the room, there's heat coming from me! I just start sweating and have to take off my clothes and stand right infront of the A/C. It can happen anytime, but most predictably it's a half hour after I eat. DH was complaining he got cold at night. The A/C is on the same setting it's been on for months, but suddenly he's getting cold and I'm waking up with the sheets wet with sweat. I tell him, "It's hot on my side of the bed!!"

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Reply by curl_gurl » Aug. 2, 2012 2:28pm

lol about the hot sweats and DH. Yea I sweat at night more now too and my DH had the nerve to ask me last night why are your clothes so wet and I was like b/c I'm preggers...duh.

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Reply by JuneBrideCarter » Aug. 7, 2012 12:44am

I started popping out at about 25 weeks or so. So what I normally get is "You mean you haven't had that baby YET?"
The other day, the cute little chinese woman in the asian gifts in the mall said to me; "Oh any minute, now, right?"
"Yep, hoping it'll be soon."
"Oh that okay, you enjoy time now before you can't do nothing because you have to pack up baby to go someplace."
"See, but that's when I'll take him to his grandma's."
"Still, you enjoy it while it lasts. you not gonna be free again for long long time."
Cracked me up, but the whole time I'm thinking,
*Okay, lady, but how big were YOUR babies gonna be when you hit full term? Betcha not 8-10-lbs!*

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