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Grandparents, do your parents bother your children?

Category: General - General Chatter
Posted by diamondbaby » Dec. 6, 2014 2:21pm

This is more a rant and to find out if any body else is in the same boat,

Ok I have a son who is 6 years old, and daughter that is 9 months and I'm currently pregnant with my third. And since my son has been born both of my parents have hardly done anything with him, my dad was always there for me growing up but since having kids he has been a CRAP grandparent, I just don't understand it.

When I was young I always saw my nan/grandad and loved it, and want my child to have the same experience as me. I've spoken to my dad about this because one time when he and his wife had naff all to do he asked me to take him to the zoo, to witch I said no he was shocked by this, but I had to explain that he hardly sees Dillon let alone take him out, and I just wasn't comfortable with it. Even tho he is my dad you need to trust who ever 100% before letting your child go with them.

So after this I told him that I want him more involved in his grand child's life so he can take him out, and Dillon can have a good time with him. To witch sparked him really trying, taking him to get food at first just little things, but those little things matter, it builds a bond between them. Anyway it was just a fad! The way I see it now is that my dad was bored while off work. And for the last 3-4 months he hadn't bothered, and it really gets to me, my mother lives in her own little world and I'm not as mad with her because she has never changed, never tried to be something she isn't. I don't know if that makes sense. And one thing that gets on my tits is my sister sees my dad/mum a lot so what's wrong with seeing me and your grandchildren HELLO!! Ahhhhhhh My partners mum on the other hand is great she gets involved and I'm just glad she there. She puts my parents to shame,

I can just feel myself getting resentful and bitter about it, I've tried talking to my dad but nothing changes, I'm at a loss.
And it's there loss isn't it really, I guess if they can't be bothered to be involved I shouldn't waste my time getting upset about it.

I don't know, if there is anyone in the same boat, please give me some advice. I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for reading, happy and healthy 9 months x

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