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What's your opinion on this name?

Category: General - Baby Names
Posted by TripleMommy » Sep. 25, 2012 1:10am

So my father in law passed away in January from brain cancer. When we found out we were pregnant my husband said he wanted to name the baby if it was a boy after his dad. I already knew I wanted to give the baby my FILs initial. LGT what do you think about the name Ludger Gerrad

I like a bunch of other names that begin with L just can't bring myself to name my sweet little baby Ludger, it just seems like a grown up name.

Any thoughts?

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Reply by Mrsfroomie » Sep. 26, 2012 12:40am

How do you pronounce that?

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Reply by firebrand4Him » Sep. 30, 2012 6:31pm

Hi TripleMommy, sometimes it helps to say both names together with the surname to hear how they all sound together. Another thing that may help, is your personal preference (a nice sounding name vs a name with a meaning) What are the other name choices you had in mind?

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Reply by Addie02 » Oct. 1, 2012 8:23pm

I like the intention behind naming the baby after your father-in-law, but I agree... Ludger?

Some other ideas you could think about are naming baby with your FIL's tastes in mind. Perhaps he had a favorite book, you could use a character's name. Same with movies or sports heroes or something. What people often forget when naming babies in honor of someone is that people don't get to pick their own names, and often don't love them (my grandmothers were that way-- hated their own names so much they didn't want namesakes!). So if you pick a name that your FIL would have loved I think that's an even more meaningful tribute than giving your baby a name you don't like (and he might not have liked himself) just for the sake of honoring his memory.

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Reply by pregnantnovelist » Oct. 2, 2012 7:32pm

There are several traditions where, when a beloved relative dies, the child is actually named a name with the same beginning letter. In this case, I would give the child a name starting with an L and maybe his middle name can be the grandfather's middle name.

I'm concerned about how the name Ludger would fit in around the many Jaydens, Joshuas, etc... It could make the child a target for teasing.

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Reply by diminished » Oct. 19, 2012 1:59am

there is always the option of calling him ludger and it might work out fine.
i was given a 20 day baby to keep by a freind of mine 7 years ago and she had named him lutha (luther but spelt like txt) we felt imbarassed by his name we live in nz and the kid looked albino/ scandinavian. we mostly call him lu or lu lu poor kid, what did your father in law get called by his mates? lug? lud? is there a pet form of the name you could call your son or a other name you could call him and have it be in aka name ?
we also have a kid called sativa teeisha (blond blue eyes) that her birth family called boo and her sibling that lived with us referred to as penny so penny she is known as as neither drugs or stripper monikers are apropriate names in my home.
i really hope you find a way to call your son after your father and law and be able to live with it without regret ect

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Reply by ssofat » Nov. 27, 2015 8:56am

That is really sweet name !!

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Reply by Mariah_Papaya » Aug. 15, 2016 2:55am

How about Jared Ludger?

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Reply by AuburnMama » Aug. 16, 2016 2:24pm

Personally, I'd use Ludger as a middle name.

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