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New Mummies of late 2014 and early 2015 - Updates

Category: Trimesters - Postpartum Discussion
Posted by Sianny » Jun. 29, 2015 1:11pm

Well I have seen the friends I have made on this site come full term and have the most amazing and adorable babies I have ever seen. I really miss journaling but Thea is a 6 months old now and a little havoc maker.
She's just started a worm like crawling and I've just had to remove her from under the coffee table for the 9th time today.
She is very much a mummies girl which I don't mind, not as bad as when she was born but we have managed to get her to sleep in her own room.
She's since stopped sleeping through the night and has gone back to two night feeds and frequent waking so I am soooooo tired right now. It is almost as bad as having a newborn again. Heck I don't mind, she's always so happy these days, especially when she's pulling out all of the baby wipes from the packet like she is doing at the moment. She gets into everything.
I managed to battle my way through the depression with some huge life changes. New food, good food. Lots of gentle exercise and some herbal drops. For a long while the only thing that kept me going was my little family. I still have really down days but heck that's to be expected.
I hope all the new mummies are having so much fun watching your little ones grow up x x
Please feel free to add me on FB So we can share baby pics

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Reply by Kitten90 » Jun. 29, 2015 1:26pm

Yay!! I would love to add you on facebook!
I've been wondering how everyone's been, some pop on here occasionally and some don't =/

Lexus is 7 months already. Got her two front bottom teeth at 6 months and started crawling that same week! Holy what a change all at once lol! She's trying to stand now and sits up on her own from time to time. She's bonked her head quite a bit these last few weeks and all I ever do is chase that little monster around lmao!

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Reply by football_girl » Jun. 29, 2015 2:07pm

It's so good to hear updates on your little girls! I can't believe my little one is going to be five months soon! It breaks my heart how fast it has gone by!

I'm on my phone right now, so it's hard to give a lengthy response, but like I said, it's great to hear from you both! (@Kitten- I'm so excited for you again!!!)

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Reply by Sianny » Jun. 29, 2015 3:23pm

Kitten she is a little stunner! What beautiful big eyes. Thea has the head banging issues too, she's no very aware how big her head is. No teeth yet but if she's like her brother it's going to be a few more months before she gets them.

Football Girl I can't believe Winston is 4 months old, seems like only yesterday I read your announcement. Wow time is flying by.

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Reply by football_girl » Jun. 29, 2015 3:43pm

@sianny- it has flown by. I miss all the updates from everyone due around the same time frame. I feel like CTP has changed quite a bit. I've sent you a friend request on Facebook. I'm from Florida and my profile picture is me, my husband, and Winston :) can't wait to see more of your gorgeous baby pictures!

@Kitten- she is SO cute! I can't believe she got two teeth and started crawling all in one week. What a busy week that must have been! How are you feeling? It's going to be so fun for your kids to have a sibling so close in age!

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Reply by Kitten90 » Jun. 29, 2015 3:53pm

football_girl Thanks! And yes it was a very very busy crazy week lol! I'm still really nervous about having them so close together. I'll be 17w on Wednesday already! O_O Hard to believe. This pregnancy is completely different from my last so it is just flying by. Plus with Lexus being so active now she's keeping me busy these days! It's so weird that it feels like just a couple weeks ago we were all still pregnant lol

Sianny I think Lexus may have the same problem where she doesn't realize how big her head is lmao! It's like she think she has room to move where she's trying to go then THUMP! Poor kiddos lol it's rough watching them learn the hard way but the head thumps are inevitable =(

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Reply by aprilluvsmoz » Jul. 2, 2015 6:02pm

Hi Girls! I am so glad everyone is doing well with their babies. It is amazing how much all of our lives have changed since our little ones have came into them. I am so in love with my little man! He is trying so hard to stand but hasnt quite got the sitting unsupported yet he's trying so hard. We finally got his puking under control and is finally picking up weight he finally reached 16lbs this week. All of your babies are growing to be so beautiful and congratulations again Kitten on your little Rowan.

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