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Category: General - Baby Names
Posted by bdawn8403 » Jan. 4, 2013 1:03pm

I found that my girl's middle name has angered a bunch a people and the same for my boy's first name.

Girls name was Edie Sedgwick
Boys name is Thackary David

People seem to hate them. Anyway, I decided to maybe look into a different middle name for the girl.

Would Edie Monroe be more accepting and not cause such anger in strangers?? haha

I really love my boy name and I don't care if people think its made up. It is a legit old English name.

Another girl name is Elodie Monroe.

Boy names: Riley David, Journey David

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Reply by Mrsfroomie » Jan. 29, 2013 11:27pm

Just make sure you really goes through all possible nicknames for the names you choose. And how children might interpret the names and play with them. Children can be cruel.

Thackary may be legit but it seems to me there might be some potential for trouble.
I mean, for example, Hortense, is a legit name, but there would definitely be problems there.

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Reply by ssofat » Nov. 28, 2015 10:18am

Well You Are right.

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Reply by 269pluto » Apr. 5, 2016 10:29pm

I agree about needing to pick our own names apart to see what kind of things kids come up with to be cruel, but also think it's incredibly rude for people not to respect your choices. We didn't announce our kids' names till after birth for that reason, and yet my mother-in-law called a week after our son's birth and said this, word for word(about his middle name): "Tucker? What were you thinking? Do YOU know what rhymes with Tucker?! I mean, COME ON." Ouch. I love his name whether she ever approved or not. :) All that being said, "Elodie Monroe" is sooooo pretty.

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