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Is there a possibility of twins?

Category: Special - Pregnant With Twins or More
Posted by MDSmith16 » Jul. 18, 2016 1:29pm

The thought of twins had NEVER crossed my mind....until my husbands boss (whom I really have no interaction with) mentioned to him about twins.....Than I had a dream about twins....He has one set of twins (that I know of) on his family born 1 year ago Christmas....

I am currently 6wks 4 days.

I found out at 8dpo with a faint line on a $1 brand test.

My question is what are some things that those with twins noticed.....

I go for labs Weds and will be 6wks 6 days and I know HCG levels will reveal something possibly...

Extremely sore nipples
Flutterly feeling since 8dpo-not movement just weird flutters
Insomnia at night
On and off nausea-worse in the night when I am trying to sleep or in am

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Reply by ygaturrass » Jan. 20, 2018 3:38pm

Twin pregnancy means double blessing. There are certain facts that I would like to share about multiple pregnancy. If you are in your 30s or 40s chances of having twins are more. You need to take extra folic acid. You shuld need to be more careful about you and your babies, that means more visit to doctor and chances of having c section are high.

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Reply by MarlenS » May. 11, 2018 7:26am

How does infertility come? I don’t remember. I suddenly faced it. Perhaps as well as everyone who wants to have a baby. You merely live in your tight or spacious world without any tough thought about probable events and trials in a future.
You can’t give birth. You can’t carry a baby. Delivery isn’t the thing for you. These messages are that I was receiving all that time. There’s no absolutely relevant recipe for coping with infertility. I definitely know there’s no absolute infertility at all. I learnt this with biotexcom. That’s the clinic which kindly presented me a chance of being parent. I’m happy now. I’m a mother for two awesome boys born in Ukraine.

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Reply by MarlenS » May. 11, 2018 7:29am

I wish everyone to become happy parents if there’s such an intention, of course. Because I found too much videos where people (particularly) women are talking about their brave choice to live a life without children at all. Not because they don’t have necessary health conditions for pregnancy or a partner. It’s just their point of view so weird for myself. I adore children
I have got my own after long treatment. I have twins. They are boys making my life bigger and brighter. Peace!

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