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Baby birth size/weight

Category: General - General Chatter
Posted by Cirsten_Peace » Apr. 19, 2013 8:43pm

Okay, I am almost 25 weeks in my 2nd tri. I have a thought. My family has a history of giving birth early. Like up to a few months early, and for the most part all of the kids have been fully developed or "full term" in development, even though they've been super early.

I wonder if there is a huge discrepency in the docs estimating how far along my family members have been and the babies were in fact full term.

We are all very small people and tend to marry equally small partners. I was only 4lbs at birth and born a whole 3 months early. Obviously I'm just fine. I'm just... very tiny. I stopped growing at 5'3'' and my husband is 5'9''.

my LMP was the end of sep begining of oct, and their putting me at concieving on oct 29th. Weird? I had light spotting around then, then later on pregnancy symptoms popping up much before I would have noticed them (and before they say I was officially prego). and all throughout my pregnancy my symptoms have been that of someone further along...

I just wonder if they take into regard the size of the parents or if they just guesstimate it to be safe.

anyone else?

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