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Anyone due next Spring (APR–MAY) anyone?? - Page 2

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Reply by fruitloops86 » Sep. 23, 2016 4:30pm

Hey mamas. Just wanted to update. I'm 10wks today and my midwife appt went great early last week. I'm going for my ultrasound on Monday morning and not sure how I'm going to get enough water in before I go. I'm bringing my 5yr old as he's so excited and asking me about the baby almost every day. Will post pictures on my page when I get it.
Morning sickness is still here after a brief week of feeling better last week. Hoping it eases for good soon. I've stopped losing weight and started gaining a bit which is reassuring. My belly is starting to pop out when standing but still pretty flat laying on my back.
How's everyone else doing?

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Reply by yummymummy1991 » Sep. 27, 2016 10:36am

GLad to hear your midwife appointment went well and looking forward to scan photos!

I too had midwife appointment today which went really well. Heard a nice strong heartbeat. Have been beginning to feel a few small braxton hicks in the last week which I thought was crazy early but apparently it's normal. They supposedly start as early as 7 weeks but you don't begin to feel until 16-20 (I'm 16+2). Still only flutters felt but have had a couple of stronger bumps a few days ago, still very hit and miss as to how well I feel them.

Totally popped out this week which is very evident in my bump shot but also day to day living. Belly is protruding very early this pregnancy compared to last time!

We are scheduling our anatomy scan for in 2-3 weeks from now depending on when he can be there with work being all over the country at the moment. Very exciting to find out the gender even though I originally didn't want to know. Grown to the idea of finding out!

Hope everyone else is well!

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Reply by Starshine22 » Oct. 6, 2016 1:22am

How is everyone doing? Almost 2nd trimester time for me just a few more weeks!

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Reply by Kerzie » Oct. 7, 2016 8:14pm

Can I join in? I recognize so many of you from the ttc site I'm 5wks pregnant and will probably have a c section towards the end of May (edd 7th Jun) as my dh has a brittle bone disease and they won't risk a natural birth. I can't believe it finally happened and even after a week it hasn't sunk in. Do you ever stop checking for blood when you wipe? Got in a REALLY bad mood with my dh this morning because I was tired (having trouble sleeping) and ravenous, wth????
Congratulations to you all

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Reply by fruitloops86 » Oct. 8, 2016 4:58pm

Yay yay kerzie!!!!! So happy to see you here.
In 12w today and felt movement this week. It was definitely baby but it was only once and I haven't felt it since. Finally have my appetite back the weeks as well though I still have parts of the day where I dont feel well but eating usually fixes it
I finally stopped checking for blood at about 10w when I had my first ultrasound and saw the heartbeat and little bean jumping around in there.
Yaya I am so glad for you kerzie!!!

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Reply by yummymummy1991 » Oct. 10, 2016 6:34pm

@kerzie congratulations and welcome!

@fruitloop big yay for your ultrasound! Must have been so exciting and a huge relief to see a healthy baby in there! And that's awesome to hear about the movements, I too felt just as early so we're not going nuts! Not common but far from unheard of!

We have our anatomy scan coming up soon, but aren't telling anyone the official day we are booked in for since we wanna catch the family all off guard since they're dying to go colour/gender shopping!

Baby's movements are much more noticeable now which is super exciting. Yet another milestone and now waiting for them to be a bit more regular for DH to feel them :-)

Feeling the effects of congestion with this pregnancy like I did with my daughter. It went full blown around 16 weeks with her and I'm trying to get on top of it this time round (I have terrible sinuses to begin with/previous surgery on them). We're also heading into spring so they're definitely playing up on that as well!

Hope everyone is well x

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Reply by Kerzie » Oct. 11, 2016 4:24am

Fruit. I'm SO glad your doing well and that your scan was perfect! Must be such a relief to be able to eat properly again, fingers crossed you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy feeling great. I can't wait to feel my baby move, you must have been over the moon.

Yummymummy. It took me a couple of mins when I read you were going into spring to remember your in New Zealand. I'm in Scotland so it's getting cold here, I forget the seasons are the opposite on the other side of the world. We have to wait for our gender scan here too, have read lots of women in America getting blood gender tests from 7wks on. Don't think the nhs offers that :) Have you decided how to tell your family the gender? Wishing you all the best for the scan.

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Reply by yummymummy1991 » Oct. 15, 2016 1:36pm

@Kerzie yes it does get confusing sometimes! It's a welcome change as it feels like it's been the coldest winter here!

We had our anatomy scan on Friday and are happy to announce that we have a healthy baby boy on the way! Still waiting for the final report which I will likely discuss when we see the midwife in a couple of weeks but all and all, looks great for now :-)

Spilled the beans to the family and they're over the moon :-)

We're excited to be having a boy but oh gosh, having 4 boys and 2 girls in the house is going to be full on (girls and boys including ourselves!)!!!
Testosterone overload much?!

He has much to teach me since I'm only used to dealing with girls and he's done 2 boys before.

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Reply by Starshine22 » Oct. 17, 2016 11:39pm

Had my 12 weeks check up today, my doctor is going ahead and starting me on extra iron but other than that everything is going good. Baby's heart rate is 160.

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Reply by McKenzie » Nov. 24, 2016 7:30am

I'm due on May 24th! When are you due and is this your first baby?


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Reply by Starshine22 » Dec. 22, 2016 2:15am

Found out I'm having another girl! It was a bit of a shock cause I'm carrying so low! But of course it's always 50/50 can't wait to meet her and to see how great her big sister is going to be with her. Me and my husband picked a name! We are naming her Lily Ann. Our 2 years old daughter name is Amy Rosabella.

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