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June 2017 babies! - Page 15

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Reply by Pumpkinface111291 » May. 28, 2017 3:36pm

I uploaded more pictures of little Noah :)

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Reply by AnnabelleT » Jun. 6, 2017 5:08am

Hey ladies

Just a quick update. I had to get admitted to hospital last Tuesday as my BP was high. After being monitored I was able to go home the next day as my BP improved and baby was happy.
Had to get BP checked daily but mostly it was OK until yesterday when it was 150/105.
Ended up being admitted again as my BGLs became unstable and I started being hypoglycemic.
Had a couple of CTGs as baby was a bit erratic with the first one.
In the morning they decided I was to be induced due to continuing hypoglycemia. And now I'm 37 weeks. But then they did the CTG the OB had trouble locating the heartbeat. A quick scan showed the baby turned during the night and was now breech.
Unfortunately they tried to turn the baby but it was unsuccessful so now I'm booked in for a c section tomorrow morning.
Can't believe how this pregnancy has gone.

Kerzie hope everything went well for your c section and that you are making a comfortable recovery.

Danielle how are you doing? Hope baby has not decided to come too early.

Pumpkin hope your wee man is continuing to be an absolute delight and you're recovering well.

It's been lovely sharing this journey with you all xx

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 6, 2017 1:28pm

Good luck Annabelle! Can't wait to hear that your baby has arrived safe and sound! I'm still waiting. 36 weeks now so I guess it can come anytime from 37 weeks on if it wants to lol. I have a doctors appointment today and she's doing my strep b test and she will check my cervix today so this will be interesting

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 6, 2017 2:44pm

So my doctor couldn't quite reach my cervix today. She said it was definatly softening and she could feel the baby's head but my cervix is posterior which makes it super hard to reach without being painful! Maybe next week it will be lower

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Reply by AnnabelleT » Jun. 8, 2017 12:20am

Danielle sounds like you're getting very close. Exciting times. Can't wait to hear when your wee guy arrives. Best of luck xx

Wyatt Fraser Tinworth arrived yesterday morning by c section. I had a spinal block anesthesia.
He weighted 7 lbs and measured 51.4 cm. His Apgar score was 9.
He's such a wee darling and loves being cuddled. Archers not 100% sure of him and gets bored visiting us at the hospital.
I'm surprised how good I feel. I was up showering within 9 hrs of c section. Making sure I'm walking around.

Hey Kerzie, hope everything went well for you. Waiting to hear what you called your wee man xx

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 8, 2017 2:38am

Congrats Annabelle!!!
I'm feeling a ton of pressure down there today and a lot more Braxton hicks contractions than usual. Laying in bed now for the night and I'm feeling the baby move and punch me right behind my pubic bone! I'm scared my water is going to break if I make any sudden movements! I can really feel the baby pushing downwards!! I'm hoping to make it to my chiropractor appointment Friday before baby decides to come!!

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Reply by Pumpkinface111291 » Jun. 8, 2017 1:30pm

Congrats Annabelle! He's adorable :) and Danielle it sounds like you're getting really close, hope everything goes smoothly for you :)

Kerzie- congrats to you also, can't wait to see pics of your wee man. Hope you're both doing well :)

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 13, 2017 11:33pm

Had another doctors appointment today and when I went to do my urine test I didn't have to pee too bad but when I tried a gush came out from my vagina! I wasn't sure if it was my water breaking or maybe my mucus plug because there was a lot of CM in it. I told the doctor and she checked me out and I am 1-2 cm dilated and she said my cervix is pretty soft. She said she could still feel cushioning around baby's head so my membranes are still intact. She said it could either just be CM or it could have been a hind water leak. She told me that my strep b test came back positive too so I will need antibiotics when I'm in labor or if my water breaks. I haven't leaked all day only when I go pee I feel like I have to pee some more after I pee and a trickle usually comes out so not too sure if it's just more pee or actual leakage. Called the birthing centre tonight as well because I've been having a lot more pressure than usual tonight and I squatted down to help my 3 year old go to the potty and I'm not sure what happened but I had horrible pain on my left side and it lasted 5 min or so! I couldn't move it felt like something tore! Then the next 2 times I went to the bathroom I wiped and had cm with pinkish/brownish blood streaks in it. The birthing centre thinks it's just from my cervical exam this morning. I'm having Braxton hicks contractions when I'm up and walking and doing house work but when I lay down they go away... baby is also moving a lot more tonight as well.

So yea not really sure on what's going on yet.

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Reply by Pumpkinface111291 » Jun. 14, 2017 8:13am

Danielle that does sound really confusing. I guess all you can really do is wait and see, and keep an eye on those Braxton hicks to see if it turns into real labor. Hope you have a healthy and safe delivery :)

Annabelle and Kerzie , hope y'all are doing well too!

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Reply by BabyBiggles » Jun. 14, 2017 1:40pm

Hi, sorry I'm not even on this board but I was just being nosy and saw this last couple comments. Danielle that exact same happened to me with my first, like a gush of fluid which had a lot of mucus in it then nothing at all afterwards, contractions coming and going but not regular. It was the hind waters and the baby's head slipped down to stop any more fluid leaking but every time I spoke to midwives they said it was probably just the mucus plug because of being slimy and not still leaking. There is an infection risk once the waters have broken and you should be induced within 24 hours if labour hasn't started. Just to let you know if you see this that you might want to push them to do something to nudge things along if you're still waiting! Good luck!

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Reply by AnnabelleT » Jun. 14, 2017 4:43pm

Danielle, you sound like you're super close. It could be your mucous plug going?? How exciting that your already 1-2 cm dilated. Hopefully you get some confirmation if your waters have started going. Look forward to hearing if you end up with your baby in your arms in the next couple of days.

We're doing pretty well. Can't believe how quickly I've bounced back from the c section. Haven't needed any since Sunday and that was only 4 days post Wyatts arrival.

Wyatt lost about 10 % of his birth weight due to a posterior tongue tie which affected his latch and feeding. Got it snipped on Friday arvo so just been working on increasing my milk supply. Been taking a few herbal supplements like milk flow spray, blessed thistle, brewer's yeast and my husband has been making me lactation cookies as well as pumping between feeds. Today I'm definitely seeing improvements.

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 16, 2017 10:46pm

Annabelle: Awe hopefully you and your little one get back on track!

So far nothing else has leaked out and baby is still moving around as usual. I'm assuming it was just my mucus plug (or hoping so anyways) I honestly feel like I could go anyday now. My first was born at 38 weeks 3 days and for this one I will be 38 weeks on Monday. Tuesday is my next doctors appointment. I've been having period cramp like contractions the last 2 days but they are irregular and don't happen often.

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 20, 2017 7:01pm

Hope everyone is doing well with their new babes! Seen the doctor today and I'm 3cm dilated! Also she said I'm definitely thinning out. So anytime now. I've been stressed out though lately... my younger sister tried to commit suicide yesterday by overdosing on Tylenol... she still lives with my parents at home and my dad recently left for a buildings trip with work so all I keep thinking about is my poor mom! My sister has recently been through a breakup (she knew the guy for a month then moved in with him) and they were only living together for a week when he went back to his ex.... his ex and him have a 2 year old together... and big red flag to me since it looked like they just broke up over Christmas... but anyways my sister obviously took things way way too fast but she wouldn't listen to anyone. So now she's in the hospital until tomorrow but I'm hoping they keep her longer I'm anxious and scared she will try again. She's a very difficult person to have a good relationship with... I've never had a great relationship with her. She always takes things the wrong way when you try and talk. Anyways she basically is relying on others to keep her happy when she really needs to find happiness from within herself... she says she's only living for my 3 year old right now. It's such a burden to put on others when you expect them to bring you happiness. She's been very clingy the last few weeks as well but she never wants to talk about her feelings or what happened with the breakup with her ex. We are visiting her tonight at the hospital but I honestly don't know what to say to her... I may not say anything at all :( we are bringing her flowers though and she will be able to see our 3 year old tonight too. She's supposed to be getting counsel now too and seeing the doctor today about medication (she's already on meds for depression). So yea.... just what I need before I go into labor! Lots of stress! I just keep trying to tell myself that things aren't always in my control.

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Reply by AnnabelleT » Jun. 21, 2017 1:21am

Oh Danielle that's such a lot to be dealing with at the end stage of pregnancy. Wow can't believe you're already 3 cm dilated. I imagine any day now your wee man will be making his appearance.
I totally agree when you say your sister can't rely on others to make her happy. Happiness I think definitely starts with yourself.
I hope your sister is able to get the help she needs and hopefully will stay in treatment/therapy so your mum isn't having to cope with this on her own while your dad is aware 9
I remember you saying in a previous post that she was infatuated with your 3 year old and was wanting you to have another baby.
Thinking of you at this difficult time and hoping your sister is able to get the help she needs.
Best of luck for the upcoming birth xx

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 21, 2017 8:34am

Annabelle: thanks! We did visit her last night but my hubby and I never said much with her. He thinks she's doing this for attention but it still is a serious matter.,.. how are you and the little one doing???

Last night I had regular contractions for 2 hrs straight 30-45 sec long and 2-5 minutes apart. We dropped our son off at my inlaws for the night and by the time my hubby got home they had slowed down and stopped! I was so sure it was time to go lol! A little frustrating but at least we got a good nights sleep and our 3 year old was just happy to be at his nana and papas house lol. They were definitely contractions though I was feeling it in my lower abdomen and my lower back! And they made me stop in spot just to catch my breath. I also felt the pressure in my rectum and shortly after they started I felt nauseous! Too much info but I pooped twice yesterday which is unlike me! Once in the morning and once during these contractions. Once they stopped I told my hubby is wasnt sure whether to go for a walk or rest and see if they come back regular again lol!

Any tips on getting contractions regular?? Should I have just went for a walk while I was having them? I never had false labor with my first when I went into labor with him it was the real thing right away.

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Reply by AnnabelleT » Jun. 21, 2017 12:29pm

Danielle, your contractions sound very much like the real thing, it's sounds a bit like latent labour where you start labour but then it goes quiet. Hopefully it kicks off again soon.
My midwife said things like nipple simulation, BD'ing, spicy food, drinking alpine tea (supposed to stimulate the bowels) and red raspberry leaf tea are all ways to encourage labour. Hopefully you'll go anyday but sounds like you had a good dress rehearsal.

Wyatt and I are doing great. He's starting to put on weight and I have a good breast milk supply now. I'm expressing in between feeds and using it as a top up as even though his tongue tie has been released it's still a bit uncomfortable when he latches on.
Only worries I have is my 2yr old has a terrible cough and cold with high temps and I'm terrified Wyatts getting it as he's really snuffly tonight. I've been trying to get my 2yr old old to be careful where he coughs but he had coughed over Wyatt a few times.

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 22, 2017 3:12am

I hope your little guy doesn't get sick! :( and hope your toddler gets better soon too! And yes very much a practice run last night lol! So far no more painful contractions but I was curious so I checked my cervix myself and it's no longer behind the baby's head (posterior) it had shifted to the front now so maybe that's what those contractions were trying to do!! They were just getting baby and cervix lined up for the big day! I'm happy because it shouldn't hurt as bad now when my doctor checks my cervix because she doesn't have to reach behind baby's head anymore... so still waiting! I think I'm the last one on this board lol!!

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Reply by AnnabelleT » Jun. 23, 2017 1:35am

So far Wyatt hasn't got his big brothers cough or cold. Fingers crossed he has plenty of natural immunity.
How's things going with your sister Danielle ?
Hoping thing's are going ok with her and she's getting the help she needs.
Been coming on daily to see if there's been any news on your wee mans arrival as you sound so close to delivering Danielle .
How's everything going with you Pumpkin? Are your girl's totally in love with Noah?

Kerzie hope everything went well for you xx

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 23, 2017 11:02am

So my sister is supposed to be going home Saturday... despite telling her counsellor that she's not sure if she wants to live or not...my mom has the whole week next week off and my dad should be home Wednesday or Thursday next week. Then again my mom signed her out of the hospital for coffee yesterday and she popped in for a 10 min visit here with her and she is acting completely normal... my hubby thinks she's just trying to get attention and I do as well since it's almost baby time for me and such but there's the other part of me that knows what depression is like since I've struggled in the past with it but I've never tried to commit suicide and I did keep my struggles private and was getting help without anyone in my family knowing.

The part of me that thinks she's just looking for attention... well she had sent a picture of our son to one of my husbands friends and it was clearly taken in the hospital... so I get a text asking if I'm in the hospital (since I'm like a ticking time bomb with this baby lol) and I said no why? And he explained that my sister sent him a picture of my son and it looked like it was taken at the hospital. I just told him why don't you ask her then if she's in the hospital and I left it at that because she didn't want it going around that she was there.... but now there are a lot more people that know so if we do see our family friend in person and he asks or says something again we are just going to tell him the truth lol. We can't hide everything and lie for her... especially if she's just going around sending pictures to people and posting negative stuff on Facebook about life and then overly being obsessive with our son saying he's the only thing that's keeping her going.

And no baby yet for us!!! If this was my first he would have came last night at 38 weeks and 3 days. We have a wedding to go to Saturday so after Saturday I'm going to try and go for evening walks and such to get things going

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Reply by danielle664 » Jun. 30, 2017 6:57pm

We had our baby boy yesterday (thurs June 29) at 10:00am!! 7lbs on the dot. Was cramping the night before and up all night long with very painful contractions which were all over the place 5-15 min apart. Went into the birthing center at 6:30am was 3-4cm dilated. Contractions continued to be irregular but 5-10 min apart. Around 9:30 I was checked again and I was 9cm already! The doctor ruptured my waters then and I Started pushing around 9:45. Named him Kyler Lee. We are doing well and heading home today!

Hope everyone else is doing great!!

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