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I hate this whole waiting and wondering thing Blah (:

Category: General - Newly Pregnant
Posted by LizzyShank23 » May. 30, 2013 5:31am

So, My period is about a week late, I Thought I ovulated 5/8/13 (Used ovulation test on 5/9and was a real faint positive). Did the deed every other day until recently So I know I didn't miss it.
Thinking maybe I Ovulated later then the 8th maybe on the 10th?
I had "Spotting" about a week later, 3 little Pink drops and nothing sense then.
Period was due around the 22nd, 23rd, All Tests have been BFN so far saw doctor today but He wants me to wait another two weeks (6/10/13- 6/11/13) to do blood work.
In addition to "Implantation Bleeding w/ Slight cramps, I have Missed Period, really Bloated even After using the bathroom, Was constipated until I started taking Prenatals, My brests are HUGE my Bra that fit great at the beginning of the month is REALLY snug now, I can also see all the vanes in my Breasts, Nipples a bit darker, Metal Taste in my mouth (This was a huge Sign for me as I've NEVER had it before), Very tired for no reason, Lots of white creamy Cervical mucous (Sorry TMI), Cervix High Soft as they say like puckered lips ( I know its not super reliable but still there), Hubby hates this one (: Extremely Moody, nd very sensitive to smell (Odd too because I've never had this symptom before), Feeling as if I am going to vomit but not always in the morning.
I am not stressed out, I know that can be a factor too! Just want opinions.. trying to get ready and learn what to expect.

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Reply by Couture_78 » Jun. 2, 2013 10:06am

Have you tried retesting? I had a very faint one one 14dpo, and by 16dpo it was very clear that I am pregnant, I've tried dollar store new choice tests. They were really light, then got first response early response and on 15 dpo it as light but clearly a positive, 16dpo darker and 17dpo tried a first signal, wal arts 88cent test, same one I use the same day as frer, and it is also starting to show. Although very light still, on 16dpo first signal was almost impossible to see, but at 17 dpo a little better What I got from this is that the cheap tests leave me feeling confused and the expensive ones have given me hope.

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Reply by Couture_78 » Jun. 2, 2013 10:07am

Another thing, I tested 6 days before my period was due. I have 35 day cycles. Still not due till June 4

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Reply by Couture_78 » Jun. 2, 2013 10:09am

Sorry one more thing. I go to the dr Monday for a beta test, maybe ask your ob to test you to make sure you are progressing well.

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