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Early Testing

Category: Special - Pregnancy Complications & Testing
Posted by Angel~Love0718 » Jun. 8, 2013 8:25pm

I was wondering if it is possible to find out if you are pregnant at 2 weeks and 6 days.

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Reply by alice06 » Jun. 28, 2018 3:25pm

hey dear Angel! Hope you’re doing well yes it is possible that you are 2 weeks and 6 days pregnant if your pregnancy test turns out positive and you are missing your periods all along with other pregnancy symptoms such like missing your cycle tender and swollen breasts increase of urination several mood swings and feeling nausea and vomiting low energy body fatigue etc aside from the pregnancy test all these symptoms will lead to pregnancy confirmation too. Eat healthily and stay positive and engage yourself with productive approaches. Don’t panic or feel stressed about any situation. A positive mind promotes a positive live and healthy living luck and support on your way or if you still have any mixed thoughts about it visit the doctor for the further confirmation. Love and prayers on your way stay blessed and healthy

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Mar. 6, 2019 8:51pm


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Reply by Hannahh123 » 31 weeks ago

I believe it is possible. However, if nothing shows up I would suggest waiting. The accurate result is just right before the AF. That is when the test will be the most correct. If you think that you are pregnant then visit a doctor. They will do your blood test. The test will then help in telling if you are pregnant or not. Good luck to you.

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