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Anterior placenta :(

Category: Trimesters - Second Trimester
Posted by Kaylajean133 » Apr. 2, 2017 2:34pm

So just found out that I have an anterior placenta a few days ago... Which medically is fine but is stupid because won't be able to feel the baby as strongly as I felt our first.... we are now 16 weeks and 3 days and still only just barely being able to feel baby. Haven't felt him at all yet today :(

Just makes me unnecessarily worried... Because with our first I started feeling her around 16 weeks and it was very obvious and very strong every day multiple times a day. Now I only feel this baby maybe once a day.

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Reply by AnnabelleT » Apr. 3, 2017 6:40am

Hi there
I understand how you're feeling as I too have an anterior placenta but I've been really surprised by how strong I've been feeling the baby move. Probably from 21 weeks I've felt strong movements and from 24 or 25 weeks my DH has felt them.
For the last few weeks I've even seen my tummy move with them and I'm not a petite size.
Hopefully you will be able to really feel strong movements in another few weeks or so
Best of luck:)

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Reply by Hberry » Aug. 18, 2017 5:01pm

I wouldn't worry about this. My daughter who is almost 18 months now was anterior, it just takes you more to feel something. This pregnancy ( my 4th ) is also anterior, about 6 weeks ago or so I was feeling some movement, not a lot, but as the days went on and by the time I had my ultrasound, which was about 3 weeks ago I started feeling stronger movement from the baby. Feel free to message me if you need to talk.

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