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After 9 months ttc...

Category: Trimesters - First Trimester
Posted by QueenMom » May. 15, 2017 5:44pm

I got 5 positive pregnancy tests 3 different brands Sat-Sun!!!! I am 3 weeks 3 days and over the moin! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ME! This is my 4th and final baby. I welcome ALL the pregnancy symptoms with open arms! I want to keep this baby's gender a suprise and want to do it so natural 1 last time! I'm so excited. But my test was fairly dark for how ealry i am, (not to dark), makes me wonder if it it twins ????

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Reply by thedjinn88 » May. 15, 2017 11:06pm

mine were super dark, I got my first BFP a full week before my missed period. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, hopefully just the one. My were darker then the control like by the day of my missed period. I figure I might of ovulated sooner! I don't know what I would do if it was twins lol

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Reply by QueenMom » May. 17, 2017 1:36am

Right!!? Only problem with me is i am sure whenni got pregnant. There is no other way. We weren't exactlly active this month. So it has me wondering. Mine was almost as dark almost a full week before my period is due. I dont have pain so im not conserned about a ectopic. Just really weird. When i was 9 dpo with my daughter it was so light everyone was like "wait a few days". This 1 was no question. Congrats to you! Enjoy your scan. Keep me updated. I am curious now lol

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Reply by thedjinn88 » May. 17, 2017 1:40am

Just one for me thank gosh, baby is measuring 2 days ahead. Heartbeat 176 at 8 weeks, so pretty strong little one. Good luck on your scan! I just could not imagine twins!

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Reply by anjaliSha » Aug. 24, 2017 4:47am

Hi welcome sister. I want to express kind heart thanks to provide this golden opportunity in your life to have natural conceive. You should also celebrate this unforgettable moment in your life with happiness. It is good news that you are aware about your health. You need not panic about any type of problem. You should solve any type of problem with positive attitude that is beneficial for you and your baby in many ways. I also face same problem like you in my life. I am here for you to provide sufficient information to clear your doubt regarding twin baby pregnancy possibility. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. It is very important to make proper planning to manage stress and depression to get maximum benefit in limited time period. Once we have to attend a marriage party in Kiev where we met my old college friend who is popular gynecologist of Kiev.
Now I am happy and healthy with twin baby. I hope you follow my advice very well to get maximum benefit from my personal life experience. It is the best time to make proper planning in advance to get maximum benefit in limited time period that create win-win situation for you. It is medical prove fact that stress and depression are very harmful for pregnant women. You should manage stress and depression very well to avoid any type of risk during pregnancy. You should keep your body hormone level in balance with healthy balance diet that is very important to provide proper nutrition to you and your baby to grow smoothly. You should give importance to early morning walk and easy exercise that change your unhealthy lifestyle to healthy lifestyle that is beneficial for you in many ways.

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