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Pregnant after IVF treatment

Category: General - Newly Pregnant
Posted by ClickCait » Jun. 5, 2017 7:06pm


My name's Cait and I live on a small Scottish island. We had our fourth embryo transfer (third frozen transfer) on the 25th of May when we transferred two top grade day 5 blastocysts.

Technically my test day isn't until Thursday but I tested early at 9dp5dt and got a definite positive on Saturday. I'm feeling a bit anxious about it because our first frozen embryo transfer resulted in a brief twin pregnancy which I sadly miscarried.

We've since discovered that there's a couple of issues which have caused problems so I'm on a double dose of progesterone as well as a blood thinner this time.

I'm feeling as though I'm getting more symptoms this time compared to with the twins. I had insomnia and needed to pee all the time before, and I've been waking around 3am this time as well as making frequent trips to the loo. I've also had some crazy nausea and a couple of times where I've thought I might actually be sick. I think I'm a bit early for morning sickness right now but perhaps the extra progesterone is doing something to me.

I feel a bit in limbo at the moment since I've not hit official test day yet so I can't get in touch with the hospital and I'm paranoid that the line will be lighter on the official test, but at the same time, I feel so very pregnant and positive that this time is our turn.

Is anyone else pregnant after IVF treatment? How are you coping?

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Reply by kmksmd » Jul. 3, 2017 7:45pm

Hi Cait! Congratulations on your pregnancy after IVF! It takes a special kind of warrior to go through the battle of infertility and come out the other side. :-) I’m sorry to hear about your losses but happy that this one seems to be successful! Any updates? How are you feeling?

I’m 12dp5dt of one grade 5AA blast via FET after my first IVF cycle with ICSI and PGS screening for severe male factor and a known genetic abnormality in my DH. I cheated and began testing at 8dpt and my Wondfo and FRER tests have been looking good. I had my first beta today and it was 438. This being my first IVF cycle, first FET, and first time being pregnant I am feeling ok. I totally understand being worried and even though I’ve never had a loss, I have sort of been waiting for something to go wrong during my whole cycle. I am happy and excited but still feel almost a sense of disconnection like I can’t get my hopes up too far yet.

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Reply by kimgey » Jul. 16, 2017 6:20am

I can stand out and say I am very successful and happy after IVF treatment. I underwent one at IVF clinic at BioTex clinic in Ukraine. I was suffering from blocked fallopian tubes and ova could not move at ease to the oviduct. So I could not become pregnant since no fertilisation was taking place. I never lost hope from that condition and decided to go to BioTex clinic for the fertility procedure. I met very qualified staff who used up to date methods of IVF egg donation and later on I couldn't regret. As I speak I underwent a successful fertility treatment and I can vouch for IVF treatment. So never feel in doubt of the same and ignore all the sarcasm and theories that people come up with. I am now a very happy mum who underwent the IVF treatment at BioTex in Ukraine. So it works.

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Reply by camille » Dec. 12, 2017 2:58pm

Miscarriages can be so heartbreaking. But it takes strength to stand against the odds. You can see a psychologist if you feel it is hard to overcome the pain by yourself.

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Reply by camille » Apr. 23, 2018 2:03pm

I am sorry for the miscarriage. I as feel the pain that the intended parents do go through. Especially when that is the first born. Or when they had ttc for long. Which it seems it is your case here. But do find comfort. Things will eventually work out. Congratulations for the pregnancy. With all the symptoms that you have mentioned. It seems to me that you are pregnant. I do hope that this one stays. Since you lost your twins I can understand how devastated you were. Now that many people always wish for twins. I have always wanted twins. But it never happens. Anyway, I believe it is just ones luck. So make sure that this pregnancy you will take care of yourself. Avoid any external stress. As it can cause a miscarriage. Do not think of the previous pregnancy. Focus on positivity. Go to the hospital. More often. Bio tex clinic has the best services when dealing with pregnant mothers. But I do believe that it will work out for you this time.

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Reply by monika123 » Nov. 11, 2018 8:39pm

A lot of women have been able to get pregnant after an IVF treatment. It has a high success rate. Just make sure that you dont stress a lot. When I started a new treatment I made sure that I was visiting the right doctor. I wanted to start it all over again because previous doctors had really failed. If you need any further help feel free to let me know. Sending baby dust your way. Do keep us updated.

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Reply by saramccartney123 » Jan. 18, 2019 6:31pm

I have a friend who recently underwent IVF. She had problems conceiving a baby naturally. She also has PCOS which was a cherry on top of this whole thing. Her doctor suggested IVF as one of her options. It didn't work the first time. She conceived after the second transfer though. She is pregnant now.

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