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Girl's Names

Category: General - Baby Names
Posted by maryparrish » Jul. 7, 2017 12:03am

Hey there! I am a young mom that has been always dreaming about a girl. The miracle happened and I am pregnant with the one. I was thinking about the names a lot since my high school, I guess! Anna-Viktoria, Anna-Maria, Nicole, Alice? I am also thinking about the middle name and cannot come up with anything so far. It should suit the first name perfectly and sound profound. I hate all of those names that are beautiful separately, but sound ridiculous together. Especially, when it comes to the surname. Our surname will be Vaykshorene. Veronika Vaykshnorene sounds too much, right? I REALLY want it to sound like a flow, you know. Once were thinking of names and Finn Fischer, for example, is exactly how I want my daughter's name to sound. I mean, that smooth. We made it up with my friends one evening hah! Any ideas on that? We have a lot of time to go, so I will be happy to consider all of your proposals. Thank you, beautiful mommies!

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Reply by alexism4 » Jul. 19, 2017 9:32pm

If your surname will start with a consonant, I feel like choosing a first name that ends with a vowel, preferably an a, like Anna, will flow the best. Keep in mind that the middle name won't always be said with the first name so how the first and last names sound together is really the most important bit.

I do like Anna-Viktoria, it flows with the last name you mentioned.

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Reply by Hberry » Aug. 18, 2017 6:17pm

I always liked the unique hardly heard/used names. I also like having my children named after someone in my family. This pregnancy I am having a boy and he in some way is going to be named somewhat after my dad (who passed away from cancer 3 years ago).

Just some ideas thrown out there. I also used babynames.com or nameberry.com to get ideas as well

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