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After alcohol caused my infertility

Category: General - Pregnancy Buddies/Groups
Posted by kimgey » Jul. 23, 2017 10:52am

After alcohol caused my infertility, I could no longer dig myself deep into my normal self. The ups and downs that I started going through were not to be reckoned by anyone on earth. Started abusing alcohol at the age of nine, I was too oblivious to the consequences. I was hit hard by liver cirrhosis first before anything else followed. My body metabolism was washed away as the functions of the liver were stalled. My hormonal balance was also altered to an extent of the immunity going down and I couldn’t receive my periods normally. It was a long time of grief and worry. The whole process was characterized by very painful periods and everyone thought it was endometriosis. I had to feign sickness on going to the hospital so that neither the doctor nor my relatives would know. I despised such type of life and I had to stop drinking immediately. All the tests that were done on my body showed negative signs since the blood was laced with alcohol. I never took chances but I had to stop drinking. The incessant demands that came from my husband were too much till I just decided to stop drinking. Over a span of a few weeks, I had gone back to my original self and I am now happy again. But happiness took a halt when I later learnt I can’t conceive. My life now looks so dim and disoriented that I couldn’t conceive. Will I ever conceive and become fertile again?

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Reply by enginee » Aug. 11, 2017 6:05am

Alcohol can be very harmful especially to the lungs. It can cause cirrhosis if abused. What I can possibly advise you to do is to stop it completely and take life positively. Do not allow the effects of alcohol in enhancing you to achieve great success in your life. I know it is very painful to go through that but what I can tell you is to stand strong. Life doesn't stop either does it come to a halt once you realize you are infertile. The progress and conception depend on the steps that you take. Liver being the main organ that performs many different functions in the body, may cause some hormones from failing to work right. In this case, therefore, the metabolisms of the cells are affected and this can cause hormonal imbalance. What I would advise you to do is to visit the doctor first. It goes a long way in helping you improve your overall health. Never ignore any signs of infertility. Ignorance can sometimes cause permanent infertility which is very bad. So, take courage and seek medical attention. I know for sure you will concur. If still, you will never manage to conceive, just try to visit BioTex clinic in Ukraine and I know you will enjoy the fruits of motherhood.

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