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painful to become infertile

Category: General - Pregnancy Buddies/Groups
Posted by mishyb » Jul. 23, 2017 10:54am

It is very painful to become infertile due to weight gain. The increase of adipose tissue and cholesterol inhibited the flow of blood to the reproductive organs. Several tests I did with a specialized doctor indicated a serious condition that I had to be diagnosed on. In some way, it gave me endless stress but also a heartache. I remember waking one early morning to go and see the doctor and my husband was so hesitant to permit me. He always cautioned me on the inactive lifestyle I had adopted in my life. The weight increased until I contracted diabetes. It was so unfortunate and I had to keep my body in check. My periods could occur irregularly and the rate of conception went low. The long journey to search for good medical facilities started and I could not get the medical procedure that I wanted. On realizing that I could not conceive, I did fertility tests. Nothing gave positive results. I was so dumbfounded to get the results that my metabolism had been compromised. I was unable to sire a child of my own. All became worse when I decided to opt for IVF egg donation. There was no other option left for me and I couldn’t understand what to do next. I am in a mixed situation and need advice.

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Reply by enginee » Aug. 11, 2017 6:04am

I would advise you first to check on your diet. Consumption of junks especially when you are so much in need of a child can become an impediment to conception. In some cases, the cholesterol accumulates in the inner linings of the blood vessels and it can put a lot of pressure to blood flow. All I can advise you to do is to check on what you consume. A variety of fruits will do. And more specifically citrus fruits that will enhance smooth flow of blood. Never ignore the doctor’s advice and always make sure to follow the instructions from your medical doctor. When the vessels are clogged, it exerts pressure on the uterine wall especially during the menstrual cycle and this can cause a lot of pain. The lady may sometimes become unconscious at this moment and faint. So, it is always important to check on the diet. Balanced food is always recommended especially one that is rich in fiber. When you do all this and still you cannot conceive, I would request you to go for ivf at BioTex clinic in Ukraine. I am very specific about the clinic as I am 100% sure you will leave that clinic a happy mum. I have the experience of the clinic and I know what it takes to go there. Me too I learnt about it in this forum and I can tell you many ladies here are happy. Never hesitate to share with us once you go there. And I know you will be a happy mother there on.

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