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Can thyroid problems lead to infertility?

Category: General - Pregnancy Buddies/Groups
Posted by sawmwr » Jul. 23, 2017 11:01am

Can thyroid problems lead to infertility? After I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, I could only ignore it. I never knew what it was all about. I was treated but nothing seemed to offer. With time, I started experiencing an interruption with my menstrual cycle. Without hesitation, I decided to not take it lightly and decided to seek medical attention. On further tests and diagnosis, I was told I was having some thyroid problems. No one would believe it not even my very close confidante. I was producing too much of a thyroid problem. A condition my doctor termed as hyperthyroidism. No one seemed to care at first but the consequences were learnt later. When I decided to get my own baby, I could not to an extent of my hubby getting pissed of me. It was a tough time for me since I had to convince my hubby. Life started becoming tough since I had undergone medication that was too expensive and never entertained a thought of egg donation. It was expensive and I could not easily afford. Everything started becoming tough and I could lose appetite so fast due to that. Conception I could not and so I had to worry a lot. Nothing seemed to work. The time I shared my thought with my husband about IVF, he was too quick to admit. But there was only one condition if it would be cheap. What should I do next?

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Reply by gradele » Aug. 11, 2017 5:04am

If you have explored all the medical procedures and none seemed to work, I can vouch for ivf. And before you take that step, it is always wise to seek medical attention first. I know sometimes it can be too costly but the health of a body is very important. The excessive production of hormones by the thyroid gland can cause hyperthyroidism which can affect the overall reproductive health. It can be worrying sometimes but it should not at all times. It would always be wise to seek the attention of the doctor and be treated first. This is because too much production of this hormone can affect the overall performance of the ovaries. This in return affects their capability to produce an egg. What motivates me most is the confidence you had in sharing this. Most ladies just suffer in silence and what I can read is a very motivating factor to many. I didn’t join this forum blindly. I joined after a referral by a friend. I had suffered for long without conception. I learnt about BioTex clinic and all its operations. I couldn’t hesitate to go there for fertility treatment. I had stayed for four years without getting a kid and I finally made it. As I speak am a happy mother.

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