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April 2018 Babies!!

Category: Due Date Clubs - April
Posted by calvingirl » Aug. 10, 2017 8:40pm

I'm very newly pregnant, but last time I was on here, I met a great group of women who helped me through the entire pregnancy. Hoping some other ladies this time will join too.

If you're due anywhere near here - March, April, May, etc. come on in.

I'm 42. I have 1 living son who's 20 and just moved out. I have 4 stepkids, ages 17, 15, 13 and 7 who we have every other week. I had one stillborn son born to DH and I two years ago. We've been trying for another for two years and finally got a positive! Hoping it sticks...we love eachother's kids, but really want to raise one of OURS.

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Reply by Althea » Aug. 24, 2017 8:05pm

Wishing you all the best! I'm 36 myself, in fact I got the BFP the morning of my birthday! I have one daughter who is almost 18 and looking at colleges now, eek! Then my DH and I have our son, 29 months, and our daughter, 14 months. we knew we wanted another baby, and while waiting until my son started kindergarten was ideal, I worried about my health with all my health complications. So we decided to try now and see what happens. I have 3 children, not one was planned. I was raped at 17, resulting with my daughter- who I love with all my heart and wouldn't change a thing in having her. Then my ex and I tried for years and had 6 miscarriages. The strain ended our relationship, and I moved on coming to terms with the fact that I would never have another child, just loving my daughter and finding a new purpose in my life.
Met my now husband, and 3 months in SURPRISE! the lady they said would never have a baby had a healthy, amazing baby boy. Then when he was 7 months old, I was breastfeeding AND on the mini-pill and started to feel really sick. Low and behold- pregnant with our daughter! So my kids are 15 years apart and 15 months apart. I love them all, I am so thankful for them all, but I said to my husband that I have 3 children and never once did I get that EXCITED moment of announcing it, baby showers, any of that. So if this is going to be our final baby (I'm getting my tubes tied at birth) then dang it, I'm going to CELEBRATE every moment. We're doing the full gender reveal party and everything hokey thing there is to do, lol!!
We're going to announce to family over Labor day. It's a little early, but as long as the family is all together, we want to announce in a big way. I'm sure my family will struggle, they worry about my health, but I'm going to enjoy this pregnancy,darn it.
So anyway, I'm due April 23rd, but that might change with my first dr. appt. in a few more weeks. We shall see.
Looking forward to meeting the other Spring 2018 mommas!!

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Reply by ourlovingfamily » Aug. 25, 2017 12:27am

We haven't tested yet, but this is our fourth pregnancy. By LMP, I'm 6 weeks tomorrow. We have two incredibly active, noisy, and beautiful boys (2015, 2013). We experienced an early pregnancy loss earlier this year.

I'll nonchalantly take a test to better confirm probably this weekend.

I'm looking forward to this latest adventure of motherhood and family building!

Surrounded by Love!

Hun and I : 2/2/2012
Baby Boy #1 : 4/23/2013
Baby Boy #2 : 11/4/15
Baby #3 [unknown]: 2/05/17

Breastfed Baby Boy #1 successfully for 22 months before sudden weaning this pregnancy. Breastfed Baby Boy #2 ongoing (currently 21 months). Plan to breastfeed this Baby and tandem nurse if need be.

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Reply by Annarochester » Aug. 26, 2017 3:19am

Hi guys :)

I just got my BFP today on cycle day 40, however I have very irregular cycles, so no idea really. It will be our first and we are so excited but so shocked at the same time. I am 28 years old. So looking forward to the first doctors appointment. :)

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Reply by ourlovingfamily » Aug. 26, 2017 3:31am

Congrats Annarochester! Pregnancy is quite an exciting thing! I was 30 when we got pregnant with our first. He's four now ... time flies. Our second is just under 2 and I'm feeling pretty good about our 4th pregnancy!

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Reply by Angelmommy » Aug. 27, 2017 12:01am

Hello! I'm excited to join you all. I am 37 and due April 6, and am just over 8 weeks. This is my third pregnancy and we are super excited as it took 5 years to happen. I have two older boys, one will be 13 in three weeks and the other just turned ten. They are both very excited, so much more so than I could have ever expected!

I has every been extremely sick, which didn't happen with the other two, and my boobs are sooo sore. Nothing is working for the nausea, which occurs all day long, but seriously intensifies over night to the point that I am hanging my head 2-3 hours each night starting at 12:30, and can't fall back to sleep afterwards.

There has been a little voice in my head saying twins, two coworkers have said something, and my younger DS said something about it the other night. My last sono the doctor said there was one, but looking at the image, I see a second smaller sac with something inside about the same size as the baby. I don't know if it is a second that was maybe a little behind or if it is a vanishing twin, but it is definitely something. The sono was at six and a half weeks, so still very early. I guess I'll find out when I go back the 1st.

Thank you for letting me join you all!

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Reply by ourlovingfamily » Aug. 30, 2017 2:17am

Hello ladies! We are a small group so far. I was just wondering how everyone is doing? has anyone started with any morning sickness or other first trimester nastiness, yet?

I'm hoping to have a relatively smooth first trimester (they're usually really rough). If it's half as bad as our first two births, then I'll be okay with that.

So far, I'm mostly exhausted all.the.time. I also have that bloated and heavy feeling in my abdomen, the stuffy nose, and sometimes bowel issues (constipation like), oh and the irritability.

I'm proud of myself for taking my multivitamins and flax seed oil every day so far! We haven't told our boys yet, but will do it with a test. The words 'pregnant' and 'pregnancy' have come up around the boys, but our 4yo seems oblivious so far (which is interesting he's not reacting to the words, because he usually reacts and questions EVERYTHING) lol.

Nonetheless, I hope everyone is doing well and I send many :mama hugs: and well wishes for uneventfulness ;)

Surrounded by Love!

Hun and I : 2/2/2012
Baby Boy #1 : 4/23/2013
Baby Boy #2 : 11/4/15
Baby #3 [unknown]: 2/05/17

Breastfed Baby Boy #1 successfully for 22 months before sudden weaning this pregnancy. Breastfed Baby Boy #2 ongoing (currently 21 months). Plan to breastfeed this Baby and tandem nurse if need be.

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Reply by bhanna » Aug. 31, 2017 2:09pm

Hey Calvingirl, I think I know you from Miraclemamma group started three years ago iif not mistaken. Glad to be with you again, and hey finally. I am 9 weeks and very sick, cant take anything down. I cant stand meat at all costs, I'm 43 with two handsome boys, aged 23 and 12 hoping for the girl.

Hey sticky bean for everyone and let us walk this journey together.

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Reply by _Roux_ » Aug. 31, 2017 10:54pm

Hi ladies, and to our little band of April Bumps. I'm 5w6d with my rainbow, and just had an early scan with the worst possible OB. No bedside manner, even less respect. I was so visibly shaken that the lab tech thought I was upset about the pregnancy! I cannot wait until my regular OB is back in town, because this happy moment was just a headache instead.

On a happier note, I'm excited to get to know each of you better on this journey.

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Reply by fuzzbear » Jan. 14, 2018 5:19pm

Hey guys, or April 2018 mamas, We are almost there!!
Does anyone even use this site anymore lol, seems a bit dead.

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