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Category: Special - Pregnancy Complications & Testing
Posted by Elissarobert » Jan. 25, 2018 6:07pm

Hi guys !! you all are enjoying good health. I am very happy today that my sister who has been diagnosed PCOS is finally expecting a child. She has passed through the tough time of her life and she fought with her illness very well. But everything can never be happen just on your will. there was more to come. She and her husband decided for surrogacy and it was successful. She has done the procedure of surrogacy from Ukraine and it was great experience for her. If anyone of you need some guidance regarding surrogacy then you ask anything from me anytime. thanks.

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Reply by monika123 » Feb. 8, 2018 7:12pm

Hey there! Congratulations to you and your sister for being a mother! I do actually have some questions. The whole process, how long does it take? And how exactly do the carry out this? I also want to that if one provides there own eggs but the pregnancy doesn't take place are we supposed to pay for another treatment with the donor's egg? I am just asking because even I am looking into this process. Your help will be appreciated.

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Reply by CherylMcMillan » Feb. 12, 2018 3:06am

Hey There Elissa! I m so damn happy for your sister. Congratulations to her and your whole family. PCOS is a dangerous disease but I m glad your sister still never gave up. Your support and love helped her through all this. When I was declared infertile by doctors, I was Devastated, I was hopeless. After trying for so many years, I still failed, but then my friend suggested me to go for surrogacy. I saved all money I could in some months and went for surrogacy. It was no doubt the best experience of my life. I saw many couples becoming parents. That clinic is doing such a great job, I had to go abroad for my surgery but still, it was worth it. Couldn't afford it in the US, it's very expensive there. Much Love!

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Reply by RihanaSam » Feb. 18, 2018 6:16am

From my first marriage i had no luck with having a baby.
I had many complications while getting pregnant every time i was pregnant i had many issues.
I conceived for three times but always resulted in miscarriage.
I'm 43 years old now and i have also no luck with babies too.
But the miscarriages from my last married life make me afraid and stops me getting pregnant again.
Now i am married for second time and i am thinking of having a baby again.
So for this time i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy option.
I think surrogacy is the best solution now adays where we can have a baby.
You better should research about surrogacy and should visit some clinics regarding surrogacy.
But i am worried about some aspects of having a baby from this process.
But as we have no other option left so i guess it is the only solution for us now.
Any women raising a baby from surrogacy method please share your experience with us.

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Reply by crystallove » Feb. 18, 2018 12:08pm

Well some of us are trying to enjoy good health.Thank you for asking though.I wish the same upon to you and your family.You sound you really envy your sister a lot.It's probably a good thing to do.I am a completely barren woman in my late 20's.This was not always the case though.I was pregnant with my first baby back in 2016.Had a road accident due to which I lost the baby along with the ability to bear a child.Although the journey has been torturing.I am ready to start a family again.The only option that is left for me is that of surrogacy.I have been hearing great reviews about this clinic.Is it expensive though? I mean I do not come from a rich background.Kindly guide me on this.

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Reply by Romana » Feb. 18, 2018 8:47pm

Congratulation's to you and your sister. It's good to see positive results like this of surrogacy. I was worried and waiting to see the results like this. You are very experienced in this. I am sure you have the information regarding this. I want to know more about the procedure. How long this process last, i want to ask about the time duration. I recently visited a clinic and i find good things but they were showing extra care. That's not the good thing. That's create a sense of being fake. I am not saying that was their attention but i just think it was like this. I can't have a baby naturally so that's the fact. I can have a baby through surrogacy process. I need more help from you.

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Reply by EllaJohn » Feb. 21, 2018 4:45am

Happy to know about the success of your sister. It is a great blessing to have children. You have mentioned the clinic through which your sister has become able to have the baby. I have been searching for the clinics and came across this one too. There are many people nowadays talking about it. It seems to have a nice reputation and many success stories are related to it. I hope not to be visiting it ever in my life as I want us to conceive naturally. Just in case, I would need any, I will dig more into this one. Thank you for sharing your sister's experience. Sending you positive energy and much love.

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Reply by jenn945 » Feb. 22, 2018 1:25pm

that is a great news!.Thank you for sharing it with us.I am myself going for surrogacy in the same clinic.As advised by one of my dear friends.I can imagine the pain she must have gone through before all of this.But this clinic is sure to look for.You have increased my confidence in it.I hope it will work out for me too soon.Wish me luck!

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Reply by RihanaSam » Feb. 24, 2018 2:13am

I am also 43, got married when I was 27.
I have tried IUI and IVF but they failed for me many many times.
People have now told me about surrogacy and I am really thinking about going for it.
I just need some guidelines as surrogacy is illegal in the state where I live and I am very scared.
I just need to complete my life and my family before it is too late for me even to try.
I think you should give it a try too because in my view it is quite a suitable procedure for women of our age
I have pregnancy issue and complications from the past 10 years and I still am childless as I have always been.
There must be some way to carry out everything legally, right?
I guess surrogacy is the only solution to my problem.
A friend has now suggested me to search for some international clinics that do not reside in our country.
You should also visit a surrogacy related clinic.
I have recently found one situated in Ukraine.
They have quite a costless package with all the facilities.
I have had many treatments from many experts but they never turn out to work out for me the way I hope them to.
It is very difficult at times to handle the loneliness and the depression but there are always friends and family to make me feel better.
One thing that I am very thankful for is that I never lose hope.

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Reply by sally28 » Mar. 7, 2018 7:21pm

Hi elissa. this is such a great news. i am very glad to hear that. i am also finding for a good clinic for myself. it would be great if you can mention some details about the clinic. i have not done any research so far. i am planning to go for surrogacy too since infertility has become my fate too. i am hoping a lot that one day i will be a mother too just like your sister.

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Reply by pheobe412 » Mar. 8, 2018 5:45am

It's going to be alright and yes it's a great procedure and over 8000 women in United states can get pregnant by using donor eggs it is very helpful for many people and going to be effective for you as well and with no offense it is the procedure for the women who are more than 42 and trying to have their first baby now, You are completely fine by doing this and if this is going to make you a mother than it is worth it. Using donor egg is now been easy these days very much easy from before because of the egg freezing technology and even sperm banks or fertility clinics even have the samples for using it and it's a very much effective way. Use it and try to stay positive because if you have hope you have everything, and when you don't have anything at least you have your hope with you. So never lose hope and try it.

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Reply by crystallove » Mar. 9, 2018 6:15pm

Thanks Elissarobert for sharing your story with us. It is a wonderful feeling of having a family. I am really glad to see you happy, Congratulations to your sister as well. Surrogacy is sure one of the ways to get a baby these days, but I am really confused whether to take this step or not. I am not even sure if my husband will support me or not. I also want to know what are the risks. Besides, I have some financial problem as well, is it affordable or not? I have read reviews of couples that Ukraine is one of the best places to go for surrogacy, what was your experience there? I am looking forward to your reply. Take care of yourself and God bless you.

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Reply by jilly6768 » Mar. 9, 2018 10:19pm

Hey, thanks for sharing the story. It really gives people like me some home. Hope that she is happy with her life now. I really do need some guidance. I have been hearing a lot about Ukrainian clinics. Are they really very good? Everyone seems to be very happy with their treatments. Your answer would mean a lot to me.

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Reply by sally28 » Mar. 11, 2018 10:33am

Hi dear, Congratulations to your sister. It's an amazing news that she's becoming a mother. Actually, I'm grateful to you for writing this post. I really needed some information about this process. I'm very confused whether I should go for surrogacy or adoption. People tell me surrogacy is costly so I don't really know. Where did your sister get herself treated from? How was the clinic? What are the charges? Any help would be appreciated.

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Reply by teena82 » Mar. 11, 2018 11:50am

Hey Elissa, I am really very happy to learn that your sister got pregnant through surrogacy from Ukraine. I am also going to Ukraine next month for my surrogacy process. That clinic is really awesome. I had my recent visit last week. I was little confused about my procedure. Now, after listening to you I am quite satisfied and relaxed. After my successful procedure, i will also share my story here. All the best to me and all the couples struggling with infertility

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Reply by JanetJames » Mar. 11, 2018 4:51pm

Hi Elissa. How are you? I hope you are doing great. That really fantastic to hear. I am sure it warmed everyone's heart. I agree everything happens at its time. However, we should not stop trying. I wish you sister and her husband good luck.

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Reply by EmilyRossum » Mar. 12, 2018 3:52am

Hi there. How are you doing? PCO is becoming very common these days. It certainly is a very big risk when it comes to TTC. But I am so happy for your sister that she has been brave and fought through the illness. I have seen so many people give up. Some of them even stop trying after a while. But what your sister did was commendable. It always comes down to how you deal with difficulties. You can either just let them affect you or you can face them and show them how strong you are. Please do give us details about her surrogacy procedure. It might be helpful to a lot of people going through PCOs and want to get babies through surrogacy. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It might motivate all the people out there who think that it's over just because it's a little hard right now. Pay my regards to your sister.

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Reply by jennyjoe » Mar. 12, 2018 2:02pm

Hi there! It is great that your sister is finally getting what she wanted. I have some experience in the surrogacy matter myself. A kid of 2 years old. Our clinic was there as well. Maybe the same one. I am so happy now and I wish your sister the same. Good luck with everything. x

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Reply by saramccartney123 » Mar. 12, 2018 6:45pm

I'm so happy for your sister. She made a great decision. She also chose the right place. I went there for my surrogacy too. They didn't disappoint me one bit. They changed my life. I' be forever in their debt. Congratulations to you and your sister.

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Reply by Romana » Mar. 12, 2018 7:58pm

It's good news for you all. Indeed surrogacy is best option for those couples who are facing problems in having a baby. Your sister have done the great job by deciding early to have a baby. This is the best decision of her life. I am also going to have a baby through surrogacy. After reading your post i am feeling good about my procedure too. I can have a baby, initially i have the questions regarding this procedure. But now i am feeling that i can have a baby in my life. Thanks for sharing your sister story with us. Nobody do it now a days. I will sure ask you question when ever i face problem.

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Reply by BrendaJohnson » Mar. 14, 2018 3:04pm

So happy to know about your sister. Finally, they have got some solution to their problem.
The clinic you have mentioned is a good one. I went for the IVF at this clinic. And I succeeded at first attempt.
Your sister will also be blessed with the babies soon.
Aout surrogacy, first of all, I must say it is a nice procedure. Nowadays I am hearing a lot many couples going for it. Most of them tell about their success.
In this process, the eggs and sperms are kept in the surrogate's mother womb. She keeps your baby for nine months. After the delivery, the baby is yours. It is legal in some countries while illegal in others. This clinic provides you with the best facilities. And the surrogacy is legal in this country. You don't need to worry about it.
Lots of luck and success to your sister.

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