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Category: Special - Pregnancy Complications & Testing
Posted by Romana » Mar. 21, 2018 8:35pm

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is doing great. I want to share my experience of surrogacy treatment with all of you. I was waiting for a very long time to share a good news with you. Recently I had my second successful visit of surrogacy. I am very happy because there are a lot of chances that I can have a baby now. They took a lot of care. And finally, after facing so many hurdles I am near to have a baby soon in my life. I need your support and wishes like you guys have done it before. I will be very grateful to you. I am hoping for the best. I am looking forward to your kind reply's. I will be very thankful if you will provide me extra information regarding final stages of surrogacy.

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Reply by saramccartney123 » Mar. 23, 2018 3:17pm

Hey. How are you doing? I'm glad you chose surrogacy for yourself. I had my baby through surrogacy too. It is nice to know your journey went smoothly so far. Things are uncertain and risky in the start. There's not much that you would have to worry about at the end. Hopefully, that will go smoothly too. You just wait and relax and hope for good. Hope your baby is born nice and healthy. Congratulations to you. I'm very happy for you. Good luck with the birth of your baby. Sending prayers your way. Do tell us about the birth.

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Reply by racheliqua » Mar. 23, 2018 3:33pm

Oh, my dear, I am so happy for you. I can feel you more than anyone I have the same situation it's getting 3 years that we are trying to have kids but till now no positive result my one IUI cycle failed but we scheduled for 2nd round of IUI and my Dr said we have no problem my period is on time I don't have PCOS my husband is healthy I do ovulate my own I m 27 years my age is good so no they said its unexplained infertility but I m sorry about what you've gone through. Its really painful I m suffering too.I just hope I will have my baby like you too. I am really happy for you guys.You are a such a symbol of hope I became so hopeful after reading your story. God is great and we will not give up, we will try again and again till we will get our baby hopefully. Thank you, so much sister for sharing your journey with us it really means to us. wishing you guys best of luck and hope you guys get your baby soon wish you happy and healthy life with your baby.

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Reply by josepheena » Mar. 23, 2018 5:25pm

Hey there Romana! I hope you're doing fine. You seem pretty excited though! I'm so happy for you, dear. Surrogacy is a beautiful process. I hope you have an amazing process. May you become a mother very soon. I wish you luck and happiness!

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Reply by TaylorF » Mar. 23, 2018 5:34pm

Congratulations, hun! I am also a proud mother of a surrogate-born baby girl. Isn't it beautiful to finally be a parent? We had gotten so tired of TTC when we decided to opt for surrogacy. Well, the last stages of the process are the most crucial. You must ensure all your legal documentation is properly done. You should be there for the surrogate mother. Especially after childbirth, you must get all legal formalities and registrations done straight away.

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Reply by jilly6768 » Mar. 29, 2018 6:56pm

Hey, I am so happy for you. you must be very excited. It really is a beautiful thing. I hope that everyone gets to have a happy ending like you. I really hope that you get to have your baby soon. I also want to have a baby. I wonder how you must be feeling right now. I would do anything to feel this way and get my baby. I wish I save up enough to get some treatment done. Stories like yours really keep me going through my day. It really gets frustrating sometimes. I do not get paid that much so it's hard to save up. But I'll be there soon, I am hopeful. Do let us know when your baby is here. xx

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Reply by Jennifer61 » Mar. 30, 2018 6:17pm

How you doing!
Congratulations on your successful visits.
Soon everything would be ok.
I would suggest you fasten your seatbelts.
This is a long journey. That requires your patience and efforts.
Enjoy every bit of it.
Finally, your wait will be over.
Take no stress. Just think about all the good things that might happen to you.
Keep an eye on overall surrogacy procedure.
Just to be extra sure that everything is going fine.
And yes! I would love to know the details of the clinic from where you are getting this done.
Good luck.
Have a Blissful journey.

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Reply by emma_grey » Mar. 30, 2018 6:29pm

Hello Love, so good to hear a good new after a long time. I’m feeling refreshed now. From the last two weeks, I was reading posts where people shared their issues. Some have shared their failure stories too. But now I think spring season has just arrived. So pleasurable moment for you it is. Your baby is arriving soon, how excited you are. I also wished long for becoming a mother but every time I faced failures. After reading your post, I think there’s still some hope. Surrogacy is such a blessing of science. It has benefited many infertile couples before. Can you please share your experience too? I shall be thankful to you for your greatness. This really means a lot to me! May you have many more.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Dec. 9, 2018 5:27pm


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Reply by Hannahh123 » Apr. 3, 2019 3:56pm


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Reply by pagerelvy33 » Apr. 4, 2019 3:30pm

Great to hear all of that!
We are also very satisfied with our surrogacy experience at World Center of baby. It is a Ukrainian surrogacy agency.
We are so happy we chose them over tens of other clinics. We had a lot of options to review and stopped by this one just because communicating with them was one hell of a pleasant experience. We loved it.
And our manager is the nicest girl in the world. She's got our back!

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Aug. 8, 2019 11:08pm

I am really happy for you. I hope things go smoothly. Surrogacy has really been helping many intended parents. I am visiting the same clinic for my process. So far things are going really well. The clinic is doing an exceptional job. I love the packages and the programs they offer. This was the first thing I noticed about them. Other than that I was also very much attracted to the communication network. They replied to me on time and always explained everything in detail. For me, it is very important how others talk. So I liked how they were very nice towards us. I am hoping that my process goes well with them. Good luck to you. Do keep us updated.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Nov. 21, 2019 6:50pm

It would be really interesting to know about your experience at the clinic. I am visiting them as well. They are indeed doing an amazing job. Everything is properly managed. I really like how they are operating as a clinic. Their priority is patients and to me, that is something I wanted. So I am really happy with my choice. Really hoping for the best.

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