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my journey gonna get over soon very excited!

Category: Special - Miscarriage & Loss
Posted by Laimamom » May. 15, 2018 12:23pm

Hello all! Since my journey began I wasn’t ready enough to tell it. I had doubts but now it’s fine.
It was so because I thought my wrong view could change someone’s opinion. Now I know there’s no wrong view. Every point of view is worth listening.
Two years ago I have signed up with one clinic. We got ready to move on. It was large part of time wasted in veil.
I overcame hysterectomy. All my best expectations got broken. The life turned into dark side.
One man was always next to me. It’s my precious husband. I couldn’t break through without him.

I had disorder of nerves. He supported me as a hero all the time. However there wasn’t any possibility to endure my fall without complications.
I was afraid he would go mad with me. He was stronger. I appreciate his presence most of all.
It was a nightmare to decide on particular clinic. It must be the place most wonderful all over the world. I’m sure my children can’t be born in bad conditions.
We put lots of effort trying to explore the market. We looked for such a place in the US and Georgia. We contacted many clinics.
We eventually decided after long-lasting investigation. We chose Ukraine. It seemed the most suitable.

We were satisfied. Ukraine attracted our attention not only because of price policy. there are many professional doctors working in this country.
At the beginning I was still in very bad condition. My depression took more than year. Everyone would prefer to forget such a heavy episode.
I liked the way their managers work with clients. The staff is smiling and pleasant. I also appreciate good-looking people.
We could choose between three types of contacts. Today one of them doesn’t exist anymore. Now we expect for our baby’s arrival.
It must happen in one week. I guess everything should be all right. We had calm pregnancy.

Our meetings with surrogate had place on skype. During our visits we had no possibility to see her. It was a little scandal.
I didn’t choose her. There wasn’t an opportunity to choose. My husband agreed it was okay.
I can’t agree why we can’t choose. They explained us but it didn’t impact on me. I still rely on my vision. Perhaps I’m a bit bothersome. I used to force people give me what I deserve. Anyway, I make may journey more comfortable.
Ukraine can be recommended. However, honestly, I’ll be able to suggest people apply to Ukraine only after delivery. It will be soon.
I’m a little bit anxious. It’s because I wait for my baby. I’m not the one who can sit tight.
We are already in Ukraine. As for country I wasn’t amazed. That’s okay. We’ll not here to live longer that we stay here.
Someone maybe can fall in love with this country. We don’t find it wonderful. It’s adequately a poor state.
All our thoughts are devoted to getting our sweetheart. How to get patient? I can’t stand it. People! Is it happiness?
I can share my story much more. Who’s interested in please write here. I’m waiting for your reaction! Peace! Lots of love!

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Reply by MarlenS » May. 15, 2018 1:03pm

Wow! That’s amazing! Happy for you absolutely! Share more such stories! On the one hand it was hard, on another it’s perfect now.
In a week you will become a mommy! What a feeling! Is your man beside? Hold on guys!
You perhaps mentioned or not. This clinic is in Ukraine, isn’t it? Right! Many people prefer Ukraine.
Why did you choose it as well? Who advised? I want you to share some emotions. It’s always important.
Stop me if it’s too tough to remember. How it was (that year) after hysterectomy? I’m afraid of asking such things but. Excuse me anyway!
You can give much help with sharing this. Did you get understanding and support from people around you? Unfortunately, in my turn I suffered too much because of my family’s ignorance.
They didn’t allow me to take decision. I was so frustrated. It’s a real hell when you face loneliness within a family.
I hate my husband’s mother. She was ready to sale her soul to devil in order to make me disappear. I swear she’s a bit+h!
Most of all I hate when she forces my man to argue me. We live together. And she treats me like an enemy.
Surrogacy means salvation. It’s actually difficult to start but it’s worth it, I believe. Your story proves it.
I think this conversation must be really helpful. I still didn’t get the answer. I’m looking for it yet.
I wanted to ask you. Why did you choose Ukraine? How did you make your choice?
If it’s hard please don’t reply. Your story can encourage me. Wanna know how you could defeat your fears. Share please how you lived after surgery with desire of being mom.
You should think about your future baby. It’s your destiny. Memorize these sweet moments!
Take care dear! I think you don’t have much time. Anyway I hope you’ll answer me.

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Reply by Laimamom » May. 15, 2018 2:12pm

It was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I lost hope completely. My dream of having a baby was sentenced to death.
I got broken and depressed after I had hysterectomy. Life has changed. I had to accept it or die.
My husband’s mother is a very unusual person. Her hobby is to start quarrels all around. I frequently take part in some of them.
She was arguing with us about adoption. She insisted like it was more reasonable and advisable way. Why? Why such people put their nose into things?
She explained how it would be amazing to save a baby from orphanage. Surely this is great deed. However, we won’t foster stranger’s baby.

She didn’t support our choice. Ukraine was like Africa for her. Did I say she’s super stupid? No, okay. She is.
This woman was agreed if we would pay 200k in the US. She hadn’t 200k. Even if she had she would conceal this money. Nobody advised us to choose Ukraine
We needed no advice from the “experts”. I spent much time on forums. It brought help. Ukraine really has its advantages. No one can deny it.
My husband likes staying in Ukraine. I myself don’t have such a passion. Anyway I appreciate what this country and people made for my country.
Did I already write? We wait for out twins’ arrival. It’s going to be incredible. My soul is burning now.
I don’t know how you could maintain your marriage. Your man acts and plays like a child. It’s not your sacrifice to stand it.
If you are consider Ukraine you’ll have to be officially married. That’s a problem. Try to help him to understand whom he does love more.
In Ukraine you may find really flexible legislation. Yes, they don’t provide single people with surrogacy. However, they give mish opportunities for married couples.
Don’t be so upset. The solution is always hidden behind corner. Just try to be a bit wiser and stronger.
Your patience is the ticket to the journey. I have never been as excited as now. It’s such a miracle I swear!

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Reply by Laimamom » May. 15, 2018 2:53pm

Yes, Ukraine is over discussed now. Some forums are even overwhelmed with posts telling about surrogacy in Ukraine. We can’t trust each of them.
Perhaps my family’s problems will be over one day. These quarrels make me angry and mad. We should change something.
Oh, how it’s amazing to be like you. Your story is full of awful tragedies. Now you experience justice.
You deserved everything pleasant what you’ve got. Life is not about easy things. You and I had to do so much just for having something.
I don’t know whether I’ll be in Ukraine or not. But I respect your choice. Now you’re going to one of those who found their happiness in this country.
I admit I’d not survive after your depression. In fact I don’t get such a relevant care as you do. Your husband is a legend!
Your particular case is like an example to follow suit. Write more about your experience. Try to have a blog.
I can’t comprehend one thing. Why do they have such rules? You said you couldn’t select your surrogate? I guess you should know that person carrying your sweet baby. Who knows what she plans and what will be in her head next week. . I find it very uncomfortable.
Couldn’t you change their approach? I hope my clinic will permit it. Otherwise I’ll not be able to trust them completely.

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Reply by Laimamom » May. 15, 2018 3:09pm

I sadly suppose it makes sense. We’d choose our surrogate according to preference. We’d love to see her with feature which out child could collect. They aren’t the donors.
Surrogates don’t link to children in genetic way. This is responsibility of the clinic to find fit surrogate. She must correspond to the standard.
In our turn we don’t have to waste our time. Beautiful woman doesn’t mean she’ll be a perfect surrogate. She basically must be healthy and has her own child.
Being abroad we can’t control surrogate’s lifestyle. We also can’t take her with us. There’re lost of rules but they are well-established.
Anyway Ukraine offers very quick programs. You don’t have to wait for years until they find surrogate. In Ukraine they have large bases of donor and surrogates.

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Reply by saramccartney123 » Jun. 20, 2018 3:06pm

Hi. Congratulations to you. I'm so happy to know that you will become a parent soon now. Ukraine is actually great for surrogacy. I'm glad it worked for you. Thanks for making this inspirational post. I enjoyed reading it.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Jan. 28, 2019 8:50pm


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Reply by LucilleCooper » Feb. 5, 2019 6:21am

Hi there! This journey is so hard tbh. It may look easy in start but it gets harder time by time. I m glad that things worked out for you. I also had my treatment at the same clinic as you. Congrats!

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Reply by saramccartney123 » Feb. 24, 2019 1:33pm

Hey. Hope you are doing well. I love your energy here. Just thought id check in.D id you ve the baby yet? I'm so excited and happy for you. It makes me happy to know things have finally worked out for you. Congratulations. Get back to us soon.

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Reply by pagerelvy33 » May. 11, 2019 7:02am

Oh my! That is a lot. And I am so happy for you!
Ukraine has been the saviour for us. We have signed with World center of Baby, it is a Ukrainian agency. And I am happy to report that we are already expecting.
And I am so eager to share my experience with all of you when it is over. I am glad we have decided to make the first step in this direction.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » 34 weeks ago

I can very much relate to the struggles that you are talking about. It can be a really hard journey to be on. However, giving up should never be an option. I am glad that after taking a break you did again start searching. We are also visiting a clinic in Ukraine for the IVF process. They are doing an exception. I was scared to take this big step of going abroad for the process but it was totally worth it. Good luck to you.

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