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Trying too conceive ?

Category: General - Pregnancy Buddies/Groups
Posted by jessicaskype » Jun. 17, 2018 6:21am

Finally am pregnant after 6 years of trying all thanks too Dr climent for his herbal med he send too me that was able too help me conceive after one month of taking it you are really a God-sent contact him now too for your solution > whatsapp him +2347036879479 or email him drclimentscott@gmail.com drclimentscott@yahoo.com

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Reply by camille » Jun. 17, 2018 12:26pm

When couples experience infertility, there's often a misconception that the problem is the woman's. But according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility issues are split evenly between males and females. Each group is responsible for 30 percent of infertility, and the rest is attributable to a combination of both male and female factors or unexplained reasons. Therefore, it's important to have both partners' fertility checked if you're having trouble getting pregnant. See a specialist if you're under 35 and have tried to conceive for a year, or if you're over 35 and have tried for six months. Different treatments are available depending on what is causing the problem, such as extracting sperm from the testicle to be injected into an egg for in vitro fertilization or washing sperm to be used during alternative insemination. These work similarly in men; some, such as Clomid, help the brain to secrete more hormones that will increase sperm production, and others cause the testicles to increase sperm production. Your guy's fertility doctor or urologist will discuss the best course of treatment for his particular issue. Like the way my husband and I did in Bio tex clinic.

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Reply by maya121 » Jun. 26, 2018 5:27pm

I’m happy to see your post. You shared your experience that can help others. You found the solution to your problem rather than worry about that. I was 25 years old when I got married. I was 21 weeks pregnant a bike hit me in a road accident. My several bones are broken. I lose my unborn child. Few months I went to the comma after that I don’t know what happened this month in the word. I decided to adoption but that was stress, depression, and anxiety for me. After that, my friend guides me towards a clinic in Europe. I went to the clinic and doctor suggested me IVF.I was not so lucky IVF process failed because embryo was not created. I was stressed. Then I searched about another clinic and doctor suggested me surrogacy. He told me pros and cons of surrogacy. I agreed in surrogacy. I think not anyone of you has a situation like me. Surrogacy successful for me. Now I’ve two babies. I suggested your surrogacy. I shared with you my experience maybe that can help you. My best wishes to you.

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Reply by SharonMill » Dec. 27, 2018 5:04pm

Hey there! Nowadays infertility is getting more common, but thanks to the modernization of medical it's possible to conceive with it. Treatments like IVF, IUI, and Surrogacy are really helping people. But it's also important that you are opting for a clinic with high success rate. Clinics play an important role in these treatments. Stay blessed!

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Reply by Karencriss » Jan. 5, 2019 3:53pm

Hi! Infertility is spreading so much now. It was like 5% before and now it's 20% of people suffering from this. But I m glad that with that medical is also improving. The chances of conceiving with those treatments is quite high as well. Stay blessed.

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