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half of my best friend she wanted me to share

Category: Special - Pregnant After a Loss
Posted by bee_honey » Jul. 9, 2018 8:24am

I'm posting this on half of my best friend she wanted me to share and asking everyone views on it !! so feel free,, ;) Hello ladies. So I am 31 and DH is 27 and we have 4 children. We decided to have another but due to a TL in 2006, we have opted for IVF. Well, I had my ER this morning and had 16 retrieved. My docs seem pretty confident that it will be ok and have said that I have had a beautiful cycle. Oh, I have never had any previous problems getting pregnant. Anyway, the nurse says this morning that generally the first cycle isn't successful. This has upset me all day. I have been trying to stay positive this whole time and that statement was discouraging seeing as we put everything into this. So I'm just looking for advise, opinions, or success stories. Thank you all

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Reply by monika123 » Jul. 9, 2018 10:30am

Hey, firstly what your doctor said is a way of discouraging others. I don't think any nurse or professional doctor would have said. For IVF to work you have to be positive about it. For that make sure that negativity doesn't strike your way. Secondly, there are certain things you can do to increase your chance of success. Always make sure to visit a doctor with a high success rate. This will ensure that someone who is professional and has treated many women is treating you. Secondly, a lot of women opt for acupuncture. This helps improve the egg quality. Also, changing your diet is really important. Consult your doctor and ask him about the low carb diet. Stay hydrated as well. Best of luck to you. I am sure everything will go fine. Don't worry about it!

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Jan. 2, 2019 7:41am


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Reply by Hannahh123 » 17 weeks ago

16 is a really good number. So you should be really happy about that. Its surprising how the medical staff is saying so. They're the ones who have to make sure that things work out. One of the reasons for a process to work is the doctors and the clinic. This is why when I visited the clinic I made sure it had doctors who were experienced and knew how to carry the process out. This is something very important. Good luck to you.

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