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Bad experienced

Category: Special - Pregnant After a Loss
Posted by Martina65 » Jul. 21, 2018 4:47pm

Hello ladies! How are you doing all? I hope everyone will be fine. Today I am here to beware you guys from scammers like lotus clinic. My sister has an infertility issue. She chooses surrogacy for herself. She tries to make contact with lotus clinic for getting information regarding the treatment and packages they are offered. She emailed them many times. But the clinic didn't give any response yet. She is very disappointed by the behavior of the clinic. Now she is looking forward to another clinic because there are other clinics available which have professional behavior. I hope she will find a better one. But I suggest you guys beware of these scammers when you are going to choose a clinic for your treatment. Best wishes to all. God bless you.

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Reply by ameliabrown2018 » Jul. 27, 2018 10:42pm

Oh Martina, I am so sorry about your sister. I understand how hard it is to deal with infertility. I am also facing infertility since last 10 years. It becomes so frustrating at times that I have tried every possible treatment but nothing worked. My uterus does not have hospitable environment for embryo growth. My DH wanted me to go for adoption. But being an adopted child I wanted to have a biological child. I dont wanted to bear that deprivation of having my won child. So we decided to try surrogacy. We didn't have any reliable clinic nearby as we live in Ireland. So we decided to expand our search and found out about L***s clinic in Ukraine. We were happy initially as it is easy to do visa formalities for Ukraine. But to our disappointment L***s clinic never bothered to reply us back though we emailed them for weeks, They surely have a pathetic communication channel.

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Reply by emly21 » Jul. 28, 2018 9:05am

Hi, I'm fine. What about you. Your sister story makes me worried. I can understand its very difficult phase of your sister's life. Infertility is a very worst experience. Infertility is very common in both gender now these days. I'm a heart patient. My doctor said to me that I cannot become a mother. Then we moved to Europe for surrogacy. Now I have my own baby boy. Surrogacy and IVF is the good treatment of infertility. I think surrogacy is good for your sister. Your sister should have to consult with a good doctor and think about surrogacy. I think she should leave this clinic and move to another. Good luck to your sister. Thanks to aware us from the ridiculous clinic.

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Reply by bizzaro » Jul. 28, 2018 9:22am

"Dear Martina.
I am so sorry for your sister. Hope you are good. My little sister is also suffer from this kind of case. She facing miscarriages. She was a infertile women. One of her friend suggest her l***s clinic. She and her husband to visit l***sclinic. but when they approach that clinic. there services are very poor.their staff talk in high tone.she become very depressed.she ask her husband take her back to home.she say to me is l***s is most worst clinic.then they looking for good clinic. but I advised to you martina. Tell her don't lose hope.god bless you.i pray for your sister."

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Reply by alicee » Jul. 28, 2018 1:56pm

Hello dear! First of all, I am so sorry about your sister's troubles and grief. Infertility is the worst nightmare. It is a very tough phase of any couples life. It can equally happen in man too. But this issue is most common in women these days. With increasing rate of infertility the rate of other treatments are increasing equally. IVF and surrogacy are the options best for infertility. There are some good clinics dealing with infertility. My friend had infertility issues too but she was lucky in finding the good clinic. She had her treatment from Europe clinic. Now she is enjoying motherhood. I suggest you to tell your sister to consult that clinic. I hope she'll never be disappointed. May all thing goes well for her. Good luck.

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Reply by Nancykevin » Aug. 2, 2018 2:15am

Hi there. Hope you are doing well. I am really sorry about your bad experience. Infertility is a nightmare. Especially for women. Because not everyone talks openly on this topic. One have to choose clinic wisely. I am infertile too. I also had such a bad experience recently. I was looking for a solution to my problem. Then a friend of mine suggested about a clinic in Ukraine A****s. I was happy thinking that finally I will receive joy of my life. I emailed the clinic. They didn't responded for about 2 weeks. I was very disappointed from their behaviour. As i was begging for help. But they're not even paying attention to my requests. These people are real scam. We should be aware of them. Now I am looking for some other clinic which could help me. Pray for me. Have a nice time.

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Reply by rossmarry » Aug. 2, 2018 10:54am

hope you are doing well. you are such a brave soul that you faced all this .but sister i want to tell you a story of my sister . which face miscarriage . she is an infertile. she have done. many treatments but nothing worked. I was very worried and depressed .and she go surrogacy for A****s.that is such a poor clinic by their service. it also bit expensive then other clinic.they can not help my sister and my sister come whit great disappointment.but i am very thankful to you for your great suggest . i can search about that clinic it si very good licn i tell to my sister . she is ready to go.good luck for future."

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Reply by Julietrocks » Aug. 2, 2018 11:56am

Hey! I am really sorry to hear this! I know ho it feels when you are depressed and clinic like L***s disappoints you! I was also deceived by this clinic! My in laws are not nice to me! They wanted a kid! Unfortunately i am not able to conceive. I am a heart patient! Someone told me about this clinic that they do good IVF process! I agrees and went their with my DH! We saw there lots of dirt. There was no cleanliness. Blood spots are here and there! I had a vomit of seeing all this dirt! We moved from there and still in shock! Are they treating their patients or taking them towards death! Be aware of such scammers!

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Reply by Rachel_Gray1 » Aug. 28, 2018 4:50pm

Hi! Hope you will be fine soon. I am so sorry for your loss and grief. I feel really bad about your experience. I know you are going through a lot. Infertility is the worst thing. It takes a lot from a woman. It is very hard to accept that you can't conceive naturally. But science has provided us with the solutions. IVF and surrogacy are the best alternatives to infertility. IVF is successful for those ladies who are facing PCOS. But surrogacy is best for those who are going through infertility. It's success rates also high then IVF. I suggest you go for surrogacy. I am sure it is going to be very helpful to you. Take care of your health.

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Reply by Ellina » Aug. 28, 2018 6:46pm

Oh my, I am surprised reading all this. Does this even happen around us? What a shame that this clinic is ridiculing the profession. Infertility is the very sensitive thing for whoever is suffering from it. No one has the right to play with poor parents feelings. After reading your comment I looked up their website. They seem to offer a lot of treatments. I guess all in vain. When you. can not treat people right. I have had a bad experience with a few practitioners. Running a house and then bearing with medical finances. I have heard infertility treatments are quite expensive. In some cases, insurances don't cover the charges.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Jan. 1, 2019 12:59pm

I can share my own experience with a clinic that I am visiting. I wanted to make sure that the clinic I visited was operating professionally. This is something that really mattered for me. Therefore, before visiting them I researched a lot about them. I was impressed to read posts on their blog. They were full of information. I also watched their videos and was very much impressed by them as well. They had made, step by step videos for the IVF treatment that really helped me understand the process. I then even asked people around me for their reviews. It is only after all of this information that I decided to get in contact with them. They were very quick to reply. They then transferred me to their English department where a manager was assigned to me. This manager then helped in answering all my questions. She is a wonderful person and is now a dear friend. I have sent the clinic all the documents and I am very looking forward to start the process.

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Reply by saramccartney123 » Mar. 1, 2019 5:40pm

Hello. Hope you are well. Thank you for the heads up. This was really disappointing. But we can do here is be more careful while choosing fertility clinics. Taking your time here and not rushing into anything is probably the right thing to do here. I agree with you completely. Hope people find good clinics for their procedures.

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