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Anyone else find out their having April 2014 babies? - Page 2

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Reply by luckylady87 » Aug. 14, 2013 3:48am

hello ladies, i am also gonna be a mommy again in April 2014.. this will be mine and my fiance's 3rd baby, we have 2 little boys also... i have been having symptoms since about 4+ weeks that include: fatigue, cramping, back ache, very sore, achy, full breasts, and the worse so far crazy skin breakout.. a few nausea spells but not frequent.. other than that i feel great and am so excited to add to my amazing little family!! congrats to y'all and H&H 9 months :)
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Reply by Lebzangwana » Aug. 14, 2013 3:14pm

Hi ladies,

May i join the group,my estimated due date is 24 April.

I just joined today so im fairly new here.
I Got my BFP today n still shocked n excited at the same time.
According to the web calculations im 2 weeks preg so i still got a journey ahead of me.

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Reply by CrystalB88 » Aug. 14, 2013 6:19pm

Welcome Lebzang, luckylady, and ummi!!! Congrats on your pregnancies!!!!!

Of course, anyone is more than welcome to join!!

Lebzang, are you sure you are 2 weeks?? Most calculations go by your LMP (last menstrual period) date. So I am 6 weeks today, but fetal age is actually 4 weeks. But everything goes off of LMP, so I am 6 weeks officially today. So you might actually be 4 weeks, officially. Just wondering, because 2 weeks pregnant is really supposed to be the time you conceive, before you even know you're pregnant. Your doctor can explain it better for you.

So I am 6 weeks today, YAY although morning sickness is kicking in HARD and is unrelenting.... it's been an absolute pain, especially since I get it anytime of day, making work miserable to get through. Not to mention SUPER TIRED... fatigue is also kicking my butt at work!! Almost wish I could take my maternity leave now until I feel better in my 2nd trimester LOL!! But of course I won't, I want to spend the time with my baby after he/she is born!!

So I get my very first ultrasound Tuesday (Aug 20th)!!!! I will be just one day short of 7 weeks then. I can't wait to check on my little peanut

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Reply by Lebzangwana » Aug. 14, 2013 7:30pm

Hey Crystal,thanks hun

U actually rite,now its showing dat im 3weeks n 6 days which is almost 4weeks.

Im quiet excited n hoping for a gal but the gender caendar says its a boy so i dnt knw hw accurate it is.
I will go see my Dr next week perhaps just for check up n confirmation.
Sense of smell is worsening daily...

Well nice to meet u ladies!

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Reply by MrsMeg83 » Aug. 15, 2013 2:40am

Hey everyone! Congrats to you all :) My husband and I are expecting our first child in April too. We found out 3 weeks ago, and we're so excited! (I am on CTP as well).

My symptoms have been extreme fatigue, heightened sense of smell, and for about a week, horrible all-day nausea.

Something I don't have is headaches, which is amazing because I usually get at least a few migraines a month along with regular headaches. I have not had a single headache since becoming pregnant!

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Reply by Lebzangwana » Aug. 15, 2013 6:50am

Thanks ladies.

Im having cramps today n very light headed aswel so hubby wants me to go to the Dr to be on the safe side.
My bbs r still very sore n got a headache.
I hope these pains are nothing serious co i don want anyting going wrong.

Take care ladies!

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Reply by luckylady87 » Aug. 15, 2013 5:18pm

thanks for starting this forum.. i love hearing how everyone is doing and comparing symptoms... hopefully others will continue to join and keep sharing their journey for all babies due in sprind 2014

you ladies and myself share due dates!! hope y'all are feeling well!! hurray for April 6th 2014 babies!! and all other babies of course!

i am 6wk 4days now and ive had mild on and off cramping since about 3-4wk,dr. told me it was normal and nothing to worry about unless it was severe or accompanied by bleeding...but i totally understand your concern.. i hope everything checks out okay and that all is well with you and baby!!

all other spring 2014 mommys,
congrats to everyone of you on your pregnancies.. cant wait to see some updates on how you ladies are feeling and how pregnancy is going!!

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Reply by Sparkle0406 » Aug. 15, 2013 6:08pm

Hi ladies i'm 4 weeks today! Got my BFP on Saturday at 9dpo and have watched my tests get darker and bbt go higher every day, so fingers crossed this bean will stick!
This is my 2nd pregnancy i had missed mc in jan at 12 wks and ironically we conceived on what would've been my due date!
I've had no symptons other than needing loo more and insomnia but this morning the nausea reared its head but that may be due to having a migraine too and not really being able to take anything for it! I am understandibly nervous but am trying not to stress
Oh n my edd is April 24 ;0)

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Reply by CrystalB88 » Aug. 15, 2013 7:30pm

Welcome new ladies, and congrats!
It's always SO excited to see those two lines
And thanks everyone for joining this forum

Well, my doc called with my 2nd hCG test results.

Aug 1st they were at 142 (4 weeks 1 day)
Aug 13th they were 30,864!!!!!!!! (5 weeks 6 days) So, YAY

That really makes me feel better.... and explains why morning sickness has been such a pain in my butt!! Nauseous almost all the time and hits any time of day!! It can happen as soon as I open my eyes in the morning and be ok later, or I feel fine first thing and it hits later. Then usually by dinner/bed time I feel sick again. My doc wrote a prescription of Vitamin B6 for me, so that's supposed to help. Boobs feel more sore today to the touch than they have been the past few days. They are definitely bigger too LOL!! Fatigue/super tired ALL day!! Can't wait to let my head hit that pillow by 8:00pm every night now, heh. Headaches sometimes, but not bad. Acne breakouts now and then (that's annoying). Cramping, bloating so bad that I am wearing my old maternity pants today!! Constipation . Yeah, so its so fun so far, HA! Still so very grateful for the healthy, growing miracle inside me . Increased sense of smell as well, but not too bothersome. Too nauseous to notice much else lol.

@Lebzang: I've been cramping, too. It's perfectly normal. At almost 4 weeks, your baby is probably still implanting deeper, which could be causing the cramping. So no worries =) And continuing cramping is normal throughout pregnancy as your baby grows and stretches your uterus.

@luckylady: It's my pleasure, and I thank you all for joining this forum!! It's always nice to share things or come here for support from you ladies!!!

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Reply by Gemmma » Aug. 15, 2013 7:54pm

Hi Ladies, just confirmed my pregnancy today with a CB digital test, 11 dpo and test says 1-2 weeks!

So excited!!! Have a 3 year old boy and been TTC this little jelly bean since March this year. Due date I think will be end of April/beg May 2014. Will make my docs apt tomorrow

to all of you and heres to a

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Reply by MeeWeee » Aug. 15, 2013 9:24pm

Hello there lovely ladies!

Congratulations to all! I'm meant to be due Mid April.
I didn't rush to get tests done but have POASing with undoubtable BFP's for nearly 3 weeks now! Blood work is in limbo and will hopefully have results next week.

Nice to be reading all the symptoms.
I keep doubting myself cause this still doesnt feel real, but I've had very sore boobs and nipples! They have grown (GEE!). Are these girls MINE??
Feeling more and more fatigued, nausea comes and goes, but yesterday it was more of a gagging feeling that bothered me (all day) but not a stomach churning feeling.
Very sensitive to smells so hence - more gagging on the odd occasion.
Who knew frozen bread smelt SO DAMN BAD!!! haha!

Wishing you all a VERY

Can't wait to follow everyones progress.

Do you think these 1st few weeks before you have a confimation scan are the SLOWEST EVVVVVVERRRRRR? Or is that just me
Monday felt like an eternity ago!

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Reply by luckylady87 » Aug. 15, 2013 9:48pm

i just wrote a journal entry about how long time seems to go once you find out your pregnant.. its like every day is and eternity lol...i found out a little over 2 wks ago that im pregnant and i feel like ive been pregnant for months now, and here i am 6wk. 4days and im like really thats it.... Congrats on your pregnancy and to you!!!

---------------PLEASE READ BELOW--QUICK ?----------------

okay all you lovely ladies, quick question... any of you having sharp stabbing pains in your vagina when getting up or walking? this is my 3rd pregnancy so you'd think by now id be a pregnancy know it all or pro but who knew, im not, lol.. anyway any advice or words of wisdom as to what this could be, whether normal or not is appreciatied!

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Reply by CrystalB88 » Aug. 15, 2013 10:49pm

@luckylady: I do have stabbing pains that feel like my ovaries or uterus sometimes, but farther to the side. But turns out its just round ligament pain, which is completely normal. I have another forum I post to and another lady there said her vagina felt sore, but her midwife told her it was normal as well. So don't fret about it, but feel free to mention it to your doc next time you see him/her. =)

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Reply by MamaKB18 » Aug. 16, 2013 3:00pm

a.rich: Just heard about the earthquakes in New Zealand, was it close to you? Are you ok?

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Reply by Lebzangwana » Aug. 18, 2013 1:40pm

Hi beautiful ladies n welcome to everyone tht has joined.

Thanks for the advices ladies coz u were actually correct tht i shouldnt worry abt the cramping cz my Dr told me its normal.
I am now 4 weeks n 3 days preggies n my Dr confirmed my lil beany is there however the line was stil light then so he asked me to come bk sat ( yrstdy) n he also picked up some bladder infection but he gave me antiiotics n its now clearing.
I went back ystrdy n my lines were very dark now n he was confident abt my lil bean,the infection is clearing nicely aswel so i just need to complete my course n be careful of public toilets ( which is gna be hard esp at work)

Besides the sore bbs,headache,fatigue and cramps im feeling great!

Crystal,thanks for creating this thread!

Hope everyone is feeling great n enjoying the life growing in them cz i know i am...haha

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Reply by north28 » Aug. 20, 2013 1:50pm

Hi ladies,
Mind if I join in? I'm 5 weeks today, due date is April 22nd. Had a feeling I was pregnant even before I tested because I ate 3 cheeseburgers the week after we conceived, which is more than I've eaten in 3 years! But still when that digital test reads PREGNANT, it is a sight to see. So joyous!!

This will be our second. Our first is 3 years old.

Congratulations to everyone on their April babies!! Here's to healthy babies and time flying!!

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Reply by MrsMeggieMac » Aug. 30, 2013 10:16pm

Looks like I'm joining you ladies! Just found out I'm due April 24, 2014. I just had my first baby September 22, 2012 so the kids will be 17 months apart...wow!!

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Reply by Lebzangwana » Sep. 1, 2013 1:23pm

Hey ladies,

How is everyone doing?

Im going to see the gynae nxt week tues n im currently 6 weeks n 4 days preggies.
My HCG levels came to 14372 n that confirmed im 4 weeks according to the baby's gestation.

Im so excited!

Hope u mommy to bes r great.

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Reply by candychic577 » Sep. 2, 2013 5:05pm

Hey girlies! Hope all is well with everyone :)

Just a little update...I'm 8w4d and am starting to feel pretty decent. Nausea is less frequent but really wasnt ever awful. Boobs still hurt but sometimes will be pretty bad and others not so much. I'm still tired as hell but I guess that's to be expected when bakin' a healthy little nugget.

Next ultrasound is September 16th...ill be 10w4d and I can't wait for it to he here.

I was able to schedule an gender appt to try and see if we can find out while my husband is back home on leave from deployment! I'm so praying we will be able to find out!!! Ill be almost 16w so fingers crossed!!!!

How's everyone else feeling/doing?

Lets get this board hoppin!!!

(25, hubby 31)
God is good! Praying we are able to hold this bundle of joy!!!
Praying for everyone!!!
July 2011/December 2012/March 2013

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Reply by Lebzangwana » Sep. 3, 2013 8:24am

Hi candy,

Im off to the Dr today n my lil beany has been keepn me very busy i must say.
Dizzyness,slight headaches n sore boobs r still with me.

Well we r too early for scans so we gna wait till we r atleast 10 -13 weeks n im going to surprise my son n go with him cz i havent told hm yet.
Candy r u hoping for a boy or gal?
Hope the scans go well.

Hope u all ladies r great

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