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krystal-mommytobe*'s Pregnancy

My Due Date: March 6, 2012
I have given birth!

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Nov. 4, 2012 3:43pm » Added a new journal entry "Janessa at 8 months.".
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About Me

My name is Krystal I'm 15 & had my baby girl on feb. 13th 2012, I named her Janessa Michelle I'm attending highschool and i'm gonna do everything possible to be the best mother I can to this baby girl. I'm going to put her on top of everything Because she means the world to me. Any questions can be asked in my inbox, and to just talk comment me,

My Birth Plan

Well, I really didn't care as long as the baby and I were safe and healthy.

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Comment from angelanna » Posted Nov. 23, 2011 9:10am
Really? You had boy dreams too?. Hmmm. . . Ya my man and everyone says girl! Ooh that'd be coo if it came out like that hehe. So December 14th the doc tells me either tht day or we will make appt to find out,i cant wait!! I'm so impatient!! And well i always bought too much stuff for baby and i'm glad i did cuz they always throwin up, and get wet so i had enough clothes to never worry. Plus i was always changin my babys haha. I'd get bored of one outfit and put on another!! :-) i gues i'll hold off on buying boy clothes for couple weeks then. My sister just had her bb, she also swore it was boy bought like hella clothes and then we all were shocked when her u/s came and it was girl!! :)

Comment from angelanna » Posted Nov. 21, 2011 4:11pm
Awe i cant wait to feel my baby kicking in there!! <3
And well we find out in December so we've decided to wait on buying things, which is SO hard for me! Every little cute thing i see, i want to buy it jaja. . . And ya everyone keeps saying it will be a girl for me,but i dunno. . Feels different to me. . Plus i keep having dreams of baby boy's! :) are you guys all done shoppin for baby yet?

Comment from angelanna » Posted Nov. 20, 2011 3:08am
Awe really? I feel alot of fluttering going on in there but no real baby kicks yet, i still have like 3 more weeks yet haha. . And my first pregnancy i think i was about 5in a half months, the very first time i seen my son move i could see my tummy like move too, it freaked me out i even cried it was way weird. But then i wanted him to move again i started poking my tummy aha. . Pero like with this one i'll prob not freak out since i been through it already :) :) i cant wait to find out wat we having we bought some clothes of course its for a boy cuz i feel like that what i'll have . But so yeah 5more weeks of waiting ugh. . .

Comment from angelanna » Posted Nov. 17, 2011 1:16pm
same her but i dont know of many picture applications besides, imikimi.com, picnik.com, and photbucket, or just use my own computers edit tool.......hmm i ll check it out though.....so how far alon were u when u first felt baby kick? i forget when lol...

Comment from angelanna » Posted Nov. 16, 2011 4:16pm
i had my 13 weeks ultrasound today, i uploaded a pic, i want it too be like yours in a heart, how u do that?!?!?!?!

and you know what i grew up with my grandma too, my dad was in the Navy, and my mom left me when i was 3 years old, i moved in with her when i was 15....i knew my dad would prob get mad cuz he so strict, but he didnt he was happy actually and supportive as well, upset i didnt tell him earlier though, but i was scared of my daddy! LOL

Comment from angelanna » Posted Nov. 15, 2011 9:18am
awe yeah i was 16 with my first, turned 17 a month after he was born, are your parents supportive? I didn't even tell my dad until i was 6 months pregnant!

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