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Joined May. 30, 2011 6:45pm

ibanezgirl300's Pregnancy

My Due Date: February 10, 2012
I have given birth!
Age: 36 years old

It's A Boy!

Born on January 27, 2012 at 7:08pm
Born at 38 weeks and 0 days

Weight: 6 lbs 7 oz
Length: 19 inches

My Baby's Heartbeat

My Baby Kick Counter

The number of minutes it took to feel 10 kicks, flutters, swishes or rolls.

My Baby Names List

Girl Names
Elizabeth Payton 2 likes Log in to like
 I've always liked the name Elizabeth. It's pretty to me. Plus, one of my favorite characters from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" was named Elizabeth :)

Boy Names
Elijah 4 likes Log in to like
 I love this name; it's so cute. He was a strong character in the Bible, also, so that's important to us. The name itself means "The Lord is my God." Oh, and he was one of two characters in the Bible that did not die!

Profile Comments for ibanezgirl300 (28)

Comment from onemor83 » Posted Dec. 22, 2011 9:55pm
Hey! How are you & the baby? Have you had the stitch taken out yet? I just got back from the hospital..had some bleeding..there guessing its from my low lying placenta. I'm not on bedrest but close to it lol Im suppose to lay on my left side a lot & drink lots of water...I keep having braxton hicks but there comming too often...Im not dialated though...yea we're almost done!!! Ohh have you gotten anything else together for elijah ?

Comment from onemor83 » Posted Dec. 2, 2011 10:26am
SJust when I think this pregnanncy will get better it just gets worse...had my OB appt yesterday...my iron is low..hate taking those pills...they hurt my stomach so bad & to top it off my sugar was high so now I have to do the 3 hr sugar test..they make you drink twice the amount of sugar you did before & then have you wait 3 hrs where each hr they take another tube of blood...I hate needles..I'm so worried :(

Comment from onemor83 » Posted Dec. 1, 2011 8:43am
Ohhh I forgot that they take the stitch out early...are you worried?? Your almost to the end!! Better get to work on that nursery girl :) thanks for the good thoughts.

Comment from onemor83 » Posted Nov. 26, 2011 7:41pm
Busy like you...just got through building a nursery..I'm sooo tired lol feet have been killing me..I gained a lot of weight too quick....baby is good so far..I go back for another ultrasound on the 23 of dec...I'll either get good or bad news & the day before christmas eve too lol

Comment from onemor83 » Posted Nov. 2, 2011 4:05pm
Thank you :) I didn't get to show it off because of it being so cold though.

Comment from Foambee » Posted Nov. 1, 2011 5:09pm
awh thank you :) Im so excited about the second trimester :)

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