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My Due Date: I suffered a pregnancy loss

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Week 8
By Randall0123 » Posted Jun. 4, 2015 9:02am - 695 views - 5 comments

8 Weeks! Still a little bloated nothing yet.

Comments for this Baby Bump Photo

Comment from CrystalB88 » Posted Jun. 9, 2015 3:28pm
You look great! I didn't get my beginning of a bump until week 11-12 with my first... and some ladies don't see one until like week 20!!! But, it will come out of nowhere when it does finally make its appearance ;-)

Comment from Randall0123 » Posted Jun. 5, 2015 7:40am
Ah you ladies are too kind. I am sure I do have awhile to go until I see something besides bloat. :) RedBetty love your feet comment! Had me giggling.

Comment from rcorinne » Posted Jun. 5, 2015 3:18am
Couldn't even see a bump during the first few weeks of my 2nd trimester with Cameron. Don't worry. The bump will come, but if it takes awhile, you can thank your beautiful ab muscles!

Comment from RedBetty » Posted Jun. 4, 2015 4:10pm
Hi gorgeous. Don't worry, the bump will be there soon enough. Pending that time, enjoy d view of your feet while you can still see them without a mirror, lol

Comment from Kitten90 » Posted Jun. 4, 2015 9:25am
So excited for you! That little bump will pop out soon =)

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