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Joined Nov. 12, 2013 9:50am

mrsamanda's Pregnancy

My Due Date: July 24, 2014
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old

My Journal - Page 7

20 weeks!
Posted Mar. 7, 2014 2:44pm - 249 views - 7 comments
Can't believe it! We are at 20 weeks already! Halfway there! Only 20 weeks or less until we meet our little girl! :) Even though we found out the gender early, at my work, we go in for the anatomy ... [Read more]
Posted Mar. 4, 2014 3:10pm - 225 views - 6 comments
Yesterday, nothing sounded better than a Coke icee and some bean burritos from Taco Bell. So, that made dinner easy. Ha! I was feeling pretty nauseous and that was the only thing that sounded good. An... [Read more]
Rough night...
Posted Mar. 3, 2014 8:42am - 195 views - 1 comment
I am beyond sleepy today since being up and down all night either to pee 5 times or because my damn back, legs, and pubic bone were throbbing. Don't forget the one time I sneezed and it felt like ever... [Read more]
Ahh, my achy hip!
Posted Mar. 2, 2014 6:23pm - 211 views - 3 comments
Man, my left side hip area has been aching on and off today. Sometimes if I'm laying on it, it starts tingling all the way down to the middle of my thigh. It's crazy. Is this round ligament pain? Or w... [Read more]
I think we've found our next crib!
Posted Mar. 1, 2014 12:34pm - 225 views - 1 comment
I can't wait to get this dang crib shipped back and get my money back so I can put in the order for this new crib. It's so pretty! I'm so excited about it! It's so feminine looking! I just really hope... [Read more]
Posted Feb. 28, 2014 1:57pm - 271 views - 6 comments
Well, the crib finally came last night. We opened it up and unwrapped all the pieces to look them over to check for any damage. Well, looks like I'll be packing it back up and sending it back for a re... [Read more]
Today has been a sick and happy day.
Posted Feb. 26, 2014 7:51pm - 209 views - 4 comments
Got to work this morning and grabbed some breakfast and got halfway through eating and had to stop because I started feeling sick. Not even an hour later I find myself in the bathroom puking my guts u... [Read more]
One registry down!
Posted Feb. 22, 2014 9:09pm - 315 views - 7 comments
We went to finish one of our registries today. I know it's still fairly early, but I'm happy to have it be done. Now we have one more to go finish. Maybe in a week or two. The mobile to my bedding... [Read more]