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Joined Sep. 23, 2015 10:47pm

JubileeSkyBradley's Pregnancy

My Due Date: September 30, 2015
I have given birth!
Age: 35 years old
Location: Azusa, United States

My Journal

Shoulder Dystocia: Management
Posted Sep. 24, 2015 3:35am - 413 views - 0 comments
H E L P E R Call for Help Episiotomy Legs up [McRoberts maneuver] Pressure subrapubically [not on fundus] Enter vagina for shoulder rotation Reach for posterior shoulder and deliver posterior ... [Read more]
Delivery: Instrumental Delivery Prerequisites
Posted Sep. 24, 2015 3:34am - 386 views - 0 comments
AA BB CC DD EE Analgesia Antisepsis Bowel empty Bladder empty Cephalic presentation Consent Dilated cervix Disproportion (no CPD - cephalopelvic disproportion) Engaged Episiotomy... [Read more]
Antepartum Part I cont...
Posted Sep. 24, 2015 1:15am - 269 views - 0 comments
The following is an overview of her diet for the past 3 days. Review this information and determine if she is lacking any vital nutrients and vitamins. Make any recommendations for her if she should m... [Read more]
Pre-conception continued...
Posted Sep. 24, 2015 1:12am - 276 views - 0 comments
4. “My cervical mucous was stretchy and slippery on day 6 & we went ahead and had intercourse. Do you think this will be ok?” How would you counsel the patient after this ... [Read more]
Posted Sep. 24, 2015 1:10am - 284 views - 0 comments
Preconception (09/17/15): G1P0 28 y.o. female desiring entry to Peace Corps with her husband of 2 years. They do not wish to conceive at this time. Pt does not take OC’s as they, “have... [Read more]