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Joined 24 weeks ago

Mrsford2's Pregnancy

My Due Date: February 5, 2020
I am 27 weeks and 6 days pregnant » 85 days to go
Age: 36 years old

My Journal

Ugh- Gestational Diabetes.
Posted 2 weeks ago - 41 views - 2 comments
Went for my diabetes test on Sunday morning. They sent me for the 2 hour right away because of my history with preeclampsia and my age *insert eyeroll*. I checked my results online and saw that my p... [Read more]
Appt #5
Posted 3 weeks ago - 55 views - 3 comments
Today I had another doctor appt. I’m measuring almost 2 weeks ahead... borderline needing another ultrasound, but I’m not worried. We just make big babies lol. HR was 150, I’ve lost... [Read more]
Appt #4
Posted 7 weeks ago - 297 views - 2 comments
Had my 4th appt today. All was well HR 144. My NT results were good and no issues found in the detailed scan that was yesterday. So far my placenta looks healthy so that’s good. Will go for my d... [Read more]
18 weeks!
Posted 9 weeks ago - 118 views - 3 comments
I can’t believe we’re almost half way! Only a day away from the halfway point of my pregnancy with my son! Not much new. My next US is in 2 weeks, my next appt is a couple days after that... [Read more]
3rd Appointment
Posted 12 weeks ago - 97 views - 1 comment
I had my 3rd appointment today. It was pretty uneventful. My bleed seems to have dissipated. My placenta is posterior. The NT scan looks great (1.1mm) but I go for my 2nd blood test on Friday so they... [Read more]
2nd appointment
Posted 16 weeks ago - 154 views - 2 comments
I had my 2nd appointment today at the mat clinic. We tried to hear the heartbeat in the Doppler but couldn’t find it. If this was my first I’d probably be stressing, but we had some troub... [Read more]
Dating U/S
Posted 19 weeks ago - 78 views - 2 comments
I had my dating scan today. Baby measured exactly 8w2d which is exact as of my ovulation date. Heart rate was 159, higher than my son’s ever was so I’m calling girl. I booked my NT scan f... [Read more]
Heard from the OB today
Posted 20 weeks ago - 53 views - 0 comments
I can’t remember if I noted in my journal yesterday that they were going to refer me to the OB right away because he told me when I was in the hospital with HELLP that if I got pregnant again I ... [Read more]