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My Due Date: February 12, 2019
I have given birth!
Age: 31 years old
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30 weeks - Irrational fear and Pelivic Pain/Pressure
By FlamingoGirl13 » Posted 23 weeks ago - 120 views - 3 comments

30 weeks done! Roughly 10 more to go. I'm feeling good about that.

The past few weeks (since around 27 weeks), I've had a lot of pelvic pressure and pain. It's a constant thing, unless I'm laying down, and is exacerbated by certain movements. Getting up form a seated position and sitting down both make it worse. Using my feet or legs to apply pressure to something makes it worse. It seems like it's getting worse and sometimes I feel like I'm swollen in the vaginal area. I called my clinic about it when it first started happening and since I don't have any other symptoms they told me I could come in if I needed or just address it at my next prenatal. I didn't feel that it was bad enough to go in so I waited until this week to talk to a midwife on my team about it. She seemed a little more caring about it all then the nurse I talked to on the phone, and said if I'm concerned I can make a separate visit at anytime and they can do a cervical check and more.

I guess I should explain that I'm not being seen at the clinic until I get further along. My clinic has a program called Centering, where you meet with a whole bunch of other ladies that are due around the same time as you. They do all the routine things like fundal height, blood pressure and listening for the babies heart beat. Then we have discussions/questions for an hour or so and some informational stuff.

Anyways, my fundal height was 2 weeks behind. I was suspecting it was because I don't feel baby up in my ribs at all. So I think I'm carrying low and that's what is causing all the pelvic pressure/pain. My irrational fear is that I'm not going to get any bigger. That the baby will continue to drop behind in size. I'm not really sure why I have this fear. I was holding it back until my prenatal visit this week. I shouldn't really worry until baby measures 3 weeks or more behind, but I can't help it. The pressure and pain this early make me feel more on edge... I'm probably worrying for no reason but I can't seem to help it right now. I now have centering every two weeks so at least I don't have to wait another 4 weeks to get a fundal height. If the pain/pressure continues (I don't know how it will stop now). I'm going to call on Monday and get a clinic visit. I hate calling them on Fridays, they are always super busy and I don't need to be seen in a rush right now.

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 23 weeks ago
If you're just having fundal height measured, those measures can be so off--at least mine always were!! Both my babies measured several weeks ahead according to fundal height, but growth scans and then their birthweights showed the opposite. I also have a friend who was induced at 39 weeks because her belly was measuring 3 weeks behind. Baby was 8 pounds 3 ounces!!! I hope you get some answers at the clinic and am sorry to hear with you're dealing with pain. I agree could just be how you're carrying.

Comment from FlamingoGirl13 » Posted 23 weeks ago
Thank you for your comments April! I'm going to try some pelvic floor strengthening exercises and hope that helps. Even if it doesn't it will still strengthen me for labor. I'll probably call early next week to be seen earlier.

I hope with this pregnancy you don't get pubic symphysis dysfunction again. We are getting close!

Comment from aprilluvsmoz » Posted 23 weeks ago
Congratulations on hitting 30 weeks! I am experiencing exactly what you are right now it hurts to sit, lie down, everything!! My doctor did a cervical check and no dilation yet, she seems to think that its just the positioning of the baby that is making everything uncomfortable. With my pregnancy with Noah I did suffer with pubic symphysis dysfunction and it pretty much felt like my pelvis was separating with every movement. I know when I was diagnosed with that my ob also let me know that during pregnancy women can develop varicose veins down below and that could be the reason as well.
The fears you have are not irrational at all, and its just your mother instincts already kicking in. If you feel like it will give you piece of mind to see a doc before your next visit give them a call.
Best of Luck!

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