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brittthomp4's Pregnancy

My Due Date: April 6, 2018
I have given birth!
Age: 31 years old

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By brittthomp4 » Posted Sep. 25, 2017 6:46pm - 239 views - 2 comments

This morning I was getting ready for our NT scan which is two hours away. My husband's mom came and picked up two of our kids. I went to pee before we left and blood just came gushing out like a full on period. I slapped on a pad and yelled for my husband. We rushed to the local clinic and were in within minutes because I phoned them on the way. Nurse came in with doppler and as soon as she dropped it on my tummy the baby's heartbeat whooshed loud and strong. I was hysterical and crying and my husband just said "Oh..Oh Thank goodness." We went into a quick ultrasound and found a subchrorionic hematoma. They ordered an immediate RoGam shot in the hip(lovely) and urged us to go to our NT scan. Two hours later. There we got to see our baby in much better detail. Lots of movement. The SCH is not by the placenta and smaller than the baby(Which didn't surprise me since I probably gushed most of it out this morning) and they said everything looks wonderful. I still need to get blood work results back but the specialist was very positive. They will be watching me and baby very close from now on through to delivery. So after we were done I immediately told my parents and siblings we were expecting. My husband and I were so exhausted after such crazy events but we were starving so we went and got panda express and I realized I was still in my sweats and ugly slip on shoes. Lol. In the rush I hadn't changed or thought about my wardrobe.

When we got home we gathered our other kids around and showed them a video of the baby moving and asked them what they thought. My 6 year old boy blurted out "Thats a baby in moms tummy!" They are all excited and the battle of whether its a girl or a boy has begun.

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Comment from brittthomp4 » Posted Sep. 27, 2017 4:01pm
I want some boring weeks so bad! My doctor put me on pelvic rest and just when I'm starting to feel a little better lol. And yep we will find out in November :) we thought about not finding out but we will get ultrasounds every 4 weeks so we figured it would be hard to not "see" ha ha

Comment from ericalee » Posted Sep. 26, 2017 1:46pm
Jeez, girl! I think it's time you get to have some boring weeks of this pregnancy. You have earned them. How scary and stressful!!! I am glad that everything is ok and happy to hear that they will be monitoring you more now. It'll probably help reassure you that everything is going well. Will you find out if it is a boy/girl before birth?

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