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My Due Date: April 6, 2018
I have given birth!
Age: 31 years old

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16 Weeks
By brittthomp4 » Posted Oct. 21, 2017 9:42am - 431 views - 6 comments

Long story short....short as it can be. I've been having spotting a lot still and I was cramping so the doctor ordered a ultrasound to check fluid and cervix and the bleed. I worked myself into a fit so sure that my cervix was opening or I was low on amniotic fluid. My husband missed the ultrasound which stressed me but my daughter who is 8 asked to come and she just ooo'd and awe'd over the baby on the screen. The ultrasound tech was a bit of a jerk which added to my anxiety because they can't tell you anything. She kept saying "you'll have to wait for your doctor to talk to you on monday." what am I supposed to think when she says that??! The last time I was in that very room and someone said that to me is when I had my missed miscarriage a couple years ago. Oh it was hard! I was upset all night and I upset my husband with my stress and it took a hit on him because he has been gone for weeks due to work. Anyways, this morning I said screw waiting until Monday, I got online on my patient portal and so happy to see, and the results were already online! All is normal. Baby is measuring 3 days bigger than my due date. It didn't say anything about the bleed though... I just need to calm down a and let myself have this second trimester. I need to gain some weight, start walking for exercise, enjoy eating if my appetite will come back. Also during the ultrasound I briefly saw the potty shot...I didn't see any dangling particables so maybe sneak peek is right and it's a girl!

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from oolufunmilola » Posted Oct. 28, 2017 6:51am
"Oh yea, nobody can rock that baby bump like you can, honey :)

And, finally, now you can wear your yoga pants all day long!

One thing I can recommend here, and that would be a regular prenatal massage... it will help reduce back/joint pain and headaches.

This period is a memorable lady, so I'd also like to give you some motivation... so, when you experience pain like never before, remember, there is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you :)

Good luck and please do share the updates with us, would love to hear from you again!"

Comment from rapovewurr » Posted Oct. 28, 2017 6:18am
"Lol, congrats ?

When I had my ultrasound, a couple of years back, the tech then sucked. Big time. My hubby missed the appointment too. He is a civil servant and you know no matter what they do, men will always be late. They find a way of keeping themselves busy…

And you are damn right about getting some wait on and a regular exercise… I can’t stress enough on the latter one.

They say when you enter the 20th week of pregnancy, your daily routine should be “eat on time, eat all the time”, funny, right? But true ?

Anyway, we all wish you the best. Keep posting here, lucky girl. Stay blessed."

Comment from kessuvamesa » Posted Oct. 28, 2017 5:50am
Wow! that's cute but made me angry as well. I would have reacted the same in that situation. LOL. The good thing is that It worked for you. Wishing you luck and sending you lots of baby dust. I hope the journey goes really well. Although you naturally become like that after losses. It is just hard to control that hormonal rush at times. Much love. Take care of yourself and the baby.

Comment from pupixafil » Posted Oct. 28, 2017 5:00am
Oh, honey bun! Don't be anxious! It's not the right time. You just need to be calm and show some courage and wideness by keeping yourself out of depression and stress. Just wait till Monday until you get to meet your doctor. Things will be fine; hope for good. Take care of yourself and your family. :)))

Comment from acanatty » Posted Oct. 28, 2017 4:25am
heya! I can see your frustration and how eager you are to have a baby. well, you will have to be a patient because it will take its proper time. I hope you have a healthy and beautiful daughter. You will have to definitely work on your health. Have a proper diet and exercise. Your focus should be on your proper diet. Now you will have to eat for two. That is why don't get so anxious. Wait for the doctor to tell you all the progress report and I hope that everything remains fine as it is now. Take good care of your self and congratulations for the baby girl.

Comment from Celenes_Mommy » Posted Oct. 21, 2017 2:41pm
I am so glad that everything looks ok. Just try to keep your head up and stay calm.

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