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Angela18's Pregnancy

My Due Date: September 12, 2020
I am 25 weeks and 6 days pregnant » 99 days to go
Age: 39 years old
Location: United States

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By Angela18 » Posted Mar. 15, 2018 12:10pm - 316 views - 6 comments

I finally called OB front desk to demand my blood work that was done on Feb. 28 and they came back good, 2188 at 21 dpo I think (135 at 15dpo). I was going to switch docs but they asked if I could come in today so I was like, hell yeah, because I’ve been such a stressful mess. So at first they weren’t going to do an US but doc got them to and baby measured exactly for when I thought I ovulated and the side I ovulated in so I was right on with my intuition. HB was also heard at 138 and she said it looked strong so it’s been a huge relief. Still worried about other issues since I am considered a maternal old fart but for now I’m just going to try and enjoy. I’m still in shock I’m having another and I’m so thrilled and scared at the same time.

My nausea is the worst this pregnancy. Didn’t have it the first two and not too much my last, but this time it’s getting me pretty good. I don’t throw up, not really a puker, but it’s definitely slowing me down a lot at times and my kids don’t give a rat’s ass if I’m under the weather or not lol. So, I have to be the soldier who carries on without skipping a beat. I’ll take the nausea as a reminder that all is healthy if there is any truth in that.

So that’s my happy update for now! Oh and totally off but I have to share with everyone, my oldest lost his speech as a toddler, last time he spoke was on antibiotics when he was five, the other night he couldn’t fall asleep even after 9mg of melatonin. By the third time my hubby went in, he told him we will listen if he ever feels like telling us anything, he knows he’s angry and all that but he needs to try to sleep. In a Downey voice he old him, “I can’t sleep. I’m spposed to sleep. I dowant sleep.” Something like that, and the school said he said two things last week although it was misplaced. I hate to get too excited just to lose him again, but any miracle we can get to hear our little man, I’ll take it and never lose the hope he somehow snaps out for good. That’s all my good news

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from phatgurl » Posted Mar. 22, 2018 5:27pm
I'm so glad your numbers were good! It's amazing to hear that your little boy talked, too. <3

Comment from Angela18 » Posted Mar. 17, 2018 7:56am
And there’s hope xo

Comment from Angela18 » Posted Mar. 17, 2018 7:55am
Thanks Addigs!
RRope, no kidding in the waiting game! Thanks for your support, I was going mad here waiting. Urgency isn’t in their vocabulary here lol. As far as Ash, it’s one of my biggest wishes. It’s one thing when your kid is always like that, it’s another when they were one way and then gone. I’ll never give up on him even if I do stray a bit at times. He’s changed our lives so much and without saying much.
Dakotagurrl, I’ll take whatever positive, good vibes I can get, I don’t discriminate on beliefs, it’s ALL good! So thank you! We haven’t heard anything since but when we see a piece of him like this, It feels so surreal. It sounds bad but day after day for years of his anger, pushing us away, etc, sometimes we forget to talk to him as much and when you don’t see reactions you kinda naturally stop trying so hard (like banging your head against the wall) so it’s a reminder he’s in there and th

Comment from adiggs » Posted Mar. 16, 2018 6:12pm
Yay for good news!

Comment from RPope84 » Posted Mar. 16, 2018 5:10pm
I have been waiting and waiting for your numbers. I'm so glad you finally called them and asked for them. I'm so excited that your pregnancy is going well. That is amazing that your son has started speaking a little bit again. I can't even imagine how that makes you and your husband feel. Sorry I'm a little slow on the responses but I'm reading all your updates and keeping up with everything so keep it coming.

Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted Mar. 15, 2018 3:52pm
Aww Angela, that's fantastic news. I had tears by the time I was done reading. I'm so glad all is well with the baby and even happier that ur son is making some progress. I really hope he continues to do well and eventually hits a point where he talks ur ear off for hours. I bet u and hubs would be in ur element!
I don't pray, but I do have high hopes and very positive thoughts for u guys, in all aspects of ur lives. Keep that chin up...ur doing great! xoxo

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