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Joined Jul. 15, 2013 5:20pm

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My Due Date: September 12, 2020
I am 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant » 60 days to go
Age: 39 years old
Location: United States

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Thinking of signing off!
By Angela18 » Posted 4 weeks ago - 176 views - 6 comments

I really enjoy having a place like this to connect with other moms and to track my pregnancy,etc, but this site has been taken over by porn and no body is trying to keep it clean. I don't want my things posted here along with a bunch of immorality posted along side. What a disgusting shame!

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Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted 4 weeks ago
Lmfao! It was funny...then I realized it's almost my time to join. :S

Comment from Angela18 » Posted 4 weeks ago
It's sad all around...lack of responses and getting old! Next thing you know we'll be on is CTM (countdown to menopause)

Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted 4 weeks ago
I hear ya! It was getting bad during my last pregnancy but they were at least trying to take shit down (if reported)...now it seems like no one gives a fuck. Considering they're asking for donations on the other site, I don’t imagine this one will stay active for too long. I used to love coming on here to update and be updated, now I can't even remember to check on anyone cuz it's barely used. Remember when we were on baby #2 or 3? It was rockin' back then (wow I sounded SOOO old there).

Anyways, glad to see ur seemingly doing well. I will try to come on more often and stalk ur shit. Send some baby vibes my way, I'm moving on to cycle #3. Ugh!


Comment from cmere84 » Posted 4 weeks ago
There was nudity pics when i was on over 2 year ago. And constant spam. But it has so many perks too.

Comment from Angela18 » Posted 4 weeks ago
yeah, I'm trying to email when I can but they still aren't really responding much

Comment from FlamingoGirl13 » Posted 4 weeks ago
I agree. I also feel like hardly anyone is on here updating things and that makes it hard to come and update yourself. I wish this site had more protection and oversite.

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