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My Due Date: April 12, 2015
I have given birth!
Age: 43 years old
Location: Australia

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Glucose Test... Yuk.
By nicolebub » Posted Jan. 9, 2015 1:39am - 533 views - 3 comments

Well its 5:30pm and I had my test at 7:30 this morning. (I had the one where you have a blood test, drink the drink, wait 1 hour, have another blood test, go back and wait for another hour, and then have another blood test... 2 and a half hours roughly. Fun!) I felt pretty good until about 11am and then I started feeling pretty icky in the guts. Now I have a killer headache. Maybe its not related but shit I feel crap.
The woman in the pathology did explain that I could feel lousy during it but she didn't say after and all day.
Have any of you had similar experiences?
Our baby boy is also as active as all hell after that awful glucose shit they make you drink. He hasn't rested all day, the wriggling and kicking is crazy! Clearly he is on a sugar high and possibly feels as shit as I do! Haha.
I'm just hoping feeling crap isn't an indication that I will get a high reading. I'd hate to have Gestational Diabetes.... The thought of a restricted diet is a bit of a bummer!
Anyhow would love you input on how you felt after the test?
Hope you are all doing great and all the little baby's in the belly's are happy and growing well! xxxx

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Comment from mnor0406 » Posted Jan. 9, 2015 2:54pm
I did my first 1 hour test at 13 weeks because I am predisposed to gd due to pcos and family with diabetes. I did the 3 hour test twice before I was pregnant too. I definitely felt like crap the whole day but I passed! Feeling like crap isn't an indication that you will fail it's just from the sugar overload! If you ate too many donuts you would feel the same way lol.

Comment from stickybean1976 » Posted Jan. 9, 2015 5:37am
Hey K I just thought we so should of gone and done it together we could of kept each other entertained lol

Comment from stickybean1976 » Posted Jan. 9, 2015 4:01am
Aww sweet I've got my very soon not looking for to the 3hrs. X

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