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My Due Date: June 24, 2019
I am 35 weeks and 0 days pregnant » 35 days to go
Age: 40 years old
Location: Canada

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Echo went well.
By dakotagurrl » Posted 11 weeks ago - 178 views - 6 comments

Well, everything went well...as far as testing goes. He was so cooperative too. The tech got all the pics in record time. The last pic took about 10 mins to get, he was a little *too* cooperative. She had me rolling all over the place, poking at him, jiggling ma bellae, all the fun stuff to get him to shift a bit. Eventually he did, but he really didn't want to. I will have the official results on tuesday when I see my OB. She was really nice. She asked about my anomaly results and I told her I haven't been read them yet cuz my scan was the day after my last on appt, so I had a 27 day wait. She's like, "oh, I have them tight here. It says everything was viewed and deemed satisfactory." So that's cool. All parts are how they should be. I asked just before I left, if my OB would for sure have these results by Tuesday (becuz it said 2-5 business days). She's like "oh yeah, for sure. U don't have to worry over the week." I assume she meant the scan came up clear. So yeah, it was a good day. I even managed to score a parking spot almost directly in front of the hospital entrance, then I was waved through the gate on the way out (which was awesome, hospital parking is like a small mortgage). She gave me 3 profile pics of him also. Not as crisp as the place I usually go to, but so nice of her to do considering I was there for his heart. She's just one of those people that likes to go out of her way to make others happy. Very pleasant woman (wow I sounded old there).

Not much to report, and I'm ok with that.
I think I may tell my daughter this wknd. Shes always making belly comments to me, and the other day she was sitting beside/on my hip area and the baby started kicking and wiggling. She sat staring at my belly wobbling all over the place. She didn't say anything, just stared for a good 10 or so seconds, then climbed off and wandered away.

Oooh small funny. B discovered her nipples the other day. Only one tho. She had just finished her bath and she likes to dance naked in front of the mirror, while I dry her hair. She saw her nipple and wouldn't leave the damn thing alone. She asked what it was and I told her...OMFG she was NOT happy about it! She wants it off! She doesn't like it and wants it off now!! It took a few to get her calmed down...can't wait til she discovers there's another one ! Bahaha! Crazy kid.

Anyways, hope ur all well! =))

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 8 weeks ago
Omg Angela18 that’s hilarious!! I don’t know how I will ever be prepared for the boob conversation, but gotta get ready with 2 girls 13 months apart! Miss you ladies.

Comment from Angela18 » Posted 11 weeks ago
Is it wrong that I still dance in the mirror naked? Ha! Love it! My oldest daughter is starting to go through the changes. I guess she thinks they grow overnight so I had to explain it takes a while and you won’t necessarily get big ones which I think she’s also expecting. My first dance recital at 3 and my grandma told me how pretty I was, I told her I’d be a lot prettier with big TTies! Wow, what goes through their heads!

Comment from dakotagurrl » Posted 11 weeks ago
Mal, hahaha peter. Hey, whatever works, right?! I'm not a fan of having a small child using the proper term for that stuff. We call it a peepee or peenie. Braelyn has lady bits.

Renae, I didn't have the nipple thing with Kenny, the thought never even crossed my mind that it would be an issue. Quirky kid! The pics were definitely a bonus. I like that they're actual pics too. The other place (altho so much more clear) loads them on a CD. It's great, cuz I get more pics, but it sucks ass cuz I wanna put pics on my fridge! Yup, I'm one of those lol!

Thanks, Sonata. Her reaction is probably something I will never forget.

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 11 weeks ago
Yay! I’m so thrilled for you. B’s reaction is hilarious. Poor thing lol

Comment from RPope84 » Posted 11 weeks ago
Lmao!!! That's hilarious about B's nipple! Never even thought about that one! So happy everything went well and you got some bonus pictures of your little guy!

Comment from MalPal85 » Posted 11 weeks ago
So glad the Echo went well and glad the little one cooperated! I love pleasant people in general. They're hard to come by these days.

Can't wait to hear about your daughters reaction!

That is hilarious that she found her nipple, lol. I remember when Colton discovered his penis (we call it his "peter"). You would have thought it was gold!

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