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My Due Date: November 24, 2015
I have given birth!
Age: 33 years old

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35+4, Christmas shopping is done!
By Cattsmeow » Posted Oct. 24, 2015 7:40pm - 150 views - 2 comments

My oldest is at my parents house this weekend, so we took advantage of it and did our Christmas shopping this morning. We got all three kids their "tree" presents, so the bulk of our shopping is done! Yay! All that's left is stocking stuffers, a few odds and ends, and the rest of the stuff for our Yule Box. (The Yule box we open on the solstice. It has a movie for the whole family, new pajama's for everyone, hot chocolate, and movie snacks. When the younger kids get older, we are planning on making it a family game instead of movie.) I am so excited! We have never finished our shopping this early before. lol. We ended up putting the bulk of it on layaway, but the hard part of deciding what to get the kids is over. Now we just have to go and make payments on it. I think for the stocking stuffers, we are going to get each of them 1-2 outfits, roll them up, and put them in the stockings, along with some small "trinkets" and candy canes (for the boys, anyway. Valerie will be to little for a candy cane.) I think Valerie was the hardest to shop for. I mean, what do you get a newborn? lol.

Next weekend, we are going to pay off the swing we got for Valerie and get the baby jail/play yard we have been wanting to get. My 1 year old has taken to climbing my computer desk, so we're going to use it to block off my computer corner, as well as the Christmas tree when we put it up. (Still debating on when to do that, since under normal circumstances, I do not put it up until after my birthday, which is Dec. 9th. But I think I want to get it up before the baby is born.) We're going to get a smaller tree for this year. The one we have is 15 years old and it has definitely seen better days.

It also just hit me that in just over a week, I will be 37 weeks and considered full term. Which means Valerie could come pretty much any time. I had mild panic attack, not gonna lie. I also freaked at the end of my pregnancy with my 1 year old. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that soon, I will have 3 children to look after (and to love and cherish and cuddle, etc.) I'm also a little sad. Valerie is my last baby. I'll be getting my tubes tied after she is born. This pregnancy has gone by so fast. Oi!

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from Cattsmeow » Posted Oct. 25, 2015 7:19pm
We ended up getting her a Hello Kitty dream lite (which will be handy during late night feedings), a music box for her crib, a vibrating elephant that plays soft music, and a playmat. We figured that would be good enough, as she has TONS of clothes and I'm sure the rest of our family will give her more.
And thank you! She will complete our family. And my kids are the reason for our holidays.

Comment from Brandavir » Posted Oct. 25, 2015 6:27pm
What do you get a newborn for Christmas and Yule? I have decided to just let my mother do her doting this year, and save my own money for next year, when she can really have fun shredding the paper and climbing in boxes! LOL
Congrats on (almost) making it to the end! I'm sure once Valerie is born, she will complete your family and you wont be sad anymore! And just think of all the future Christmases with your kids!
I have to admit, thinking of Holidays with my kids is why I wanted another!

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