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Eluria88's Pregnancy

My Due Date: September 1, 2014
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old
Location: Portland, United States

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Still not feeling pregnant. I hope you're ok little bean.
By Eluria88 » Posted Jan. 27, 2014 10:55pm - 170 views - 5 comments

Still don't feel pregnant at all. The usual. Kinda sore boobs, no morning sickness, nothing.

I want to remain optimistic but how can I? I have a 12 week u/s on the 18th but I'm terrified I'm just going to see that 6w6d baby in there but this time with no heartbeat. I wish my mind could get over the terrible experience I had in September. I want everything to be okay, but I wish I could at least have some symptoms like the ones all these people are complaining about. Makes me so mad to see people complain! At least you know you're pregnant!!!

Ugh. Just keep hoping my little one is alright. Please make me sick soon, I'll love every moment of it.

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Comment from Eluria88 » Posted Jan. 28, 2014 1:50pm
Thing is I have had 4 pregnancies. First 2 severe morning sickness, every symptom in the book, 3rd one, no symptoms, ended in MC at 12 weeks. This time around no symptoms. What am I supposed to think? My last one also had no bleeding or cramping. I was told my baby was dead at my 10wk visit and had been for over 4 wks. I had no idea. I didn't even miscarry until 12 weeks, 6w4d after the baby's death. So no symptoms but also no cramping and bleeding is not a reassuring sign to me at all unfortunately.

Comment from mrsamanda » Posted Jan. 28, 2014 10:09am
I have barely had any sickness. I went through a spat of nausea, but nothing more. Sore boobs mostly. I was just like you, worrying that my lack of symptoms meant something was wrong. I still freak between every visit and ultrasound. Even now, at almost 15 weeks I worry.

Comment from chehowca » Posted Jan. 28, 2014 7:41am
We go on the same day for our ultrasounds. I'll be looking forward to your update. I didn't feel super sick with this one either, it made me worry too. It's normal. Like Mrs HT said, if there is no bleeding or cramping, you should try to dwell on the positive. Sticky vibes your way.

Comment from Mrs_HT » Posted Jan. 28, 2014 12:27am
Wouldn't, Lol wouldn't dwell.

Comment from Mrs_HT » Posted Jan. 28, 2014 12:26am
Let's pray no news is good news. With my first child I would forget I was pregnant because I had NO symptoms. Lol As long as you are not cramping spotting/bleeding I would dwell on the negative. Instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong imagine all that can go right!

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