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My Due Date: November 1, 2018
I have given birth!
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Dilation question
By WaitingwithHope » Posted Oct. 17, 2018 6:46pm - 213 views - 3 comments

Hey ladies I just had a quick question and I was hoping to hear everyone’s experience who has had babies :) so I am dilated to 4cm and 50%effaced and I’ve been at least a 3 since 35 weeks. Just wondering how long everyone else walked around like that before labor started Lol I realize I can be this way and still make it to 40 weeks but hopefully that means delivery will go quick for me! Anyway how dilated were all of you at 37 weeks and how long after that did you go into labor? Thanks :)!

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Comment from tmhess » Posted Oct. 18, 2018 11:29am
With my first I walked around 2-3 cm dilated at 35 weeks, by 37 weeks dilated I was 4cm and I walked around like that until I went into labor at 38 weeks 5 days. With my second I walked around 3-4 cm dilated from about 36 weeks pregnant until I went into labor at 38 weeks. I expect this baby to be the same. I always just look at it as a head start. :)

Comment from WaitingwithHope » Posted Oct. 18, 2018 3:32am
Ok good to know thank you!

Comment from Angela18 » Posted Oct. 17, 2018 9:42pm
So, my first two it was no dilation till labor... my third I was at 3 or 4 till 41 weeks and went to hospital at 8:00, was stuck at a 7 till doc broke my water at 2am, had him 20 minutes later. 4th was at like a two or so for a couple weeks, went into labor 5 days late, as we were heading out the door to the hospital, my water broke. I had to wait for a doctor to show up to push. Just depends as each pregnancy is different. I just hope I get lucky like my last and can labor at home and not at the hospital. And I hope you get lucky as well and it goes quick and smooth for you.

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