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My Due Date: March 3, 2019
I have given birth!
Age: 31 years old

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By BabyBiggles » Posted 25 weeks ago - 94 views - 0 comments

Just irritated by how easy it is to gain weight really! I follow slimming world and it works really well when I keep on plan, but this past weekend I just wanted all the things I shouldn't eat and I've had a large gain all at once...I'm a bit annoyed with myself for slipping like that! It does show what could happen if I just ate whatever I wanted the whole nine months though!

On top of that I'd been offered a new job two months ago and I've spent the last month thinking they'd be in touch any day with a start date but still nothing. I've emailed, I've called and the lack of communication has been so stressful. I've not booked the kids into any of their activities after the October holidays, I've had a childminder on back up and I've been reluctant to plan or committ to anything all month and now I've just had enough and told them to forget it. I don't know how much of the delay is down to the fact that being pregnant I was going to be on amended duties and they hadn't found me anything to do yet, but it's more that they were ignoring me asking for updates that's an issue. And by now I'd only end up working for two months part time, with a break over Christmas and New year so I wouldn't even be able to get anything useful done, it was a fixed term post so it wouldn't even have been continued after maternity either. So it's really annoying that I could've spent the past two months looking for something else, I've got an interview next week as it happens for my dream job but who really wants to hire someone at six months pregnant??

Anyway other than that everything is going well. The pregnancy is smooth sailing, I'm a bit tired now and again and I'm getting some twinges occasionally at the front of my pelvic bone that I suspect might get worse but the physio gave me a bump support band in my last pregnancy that had really helped with that. About two thirds of the way there now and just enjoying the baby moving, the beautiful bump I can show off and the whole anticipation of this amazing new life! Also starting to think about the birth and wondering if vba2c is totally crazy or not...undecided as yet but considering my options!

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