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My Due Date: March 3, 2019
I have given birth!
Age: 31 years old

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Fingers Crossed for a Punctual Baby!!
By BabyBiggles » Posted 28 weeks ago - 76 views - 0 comments

I feel really torn about what I want or hope to happen with baby's birth. I know I won't get to choose obviously but if I did... I'm due 3rd March, I've had two emergency csections before, both failure to progress so I suppose in my head I just assume the same thing will happen this time if i go into labour. But I just don't feel comfortable with having a planned section. I know heaps of women do and that's fine for them but I just don't think it's for me, I don't like the idea of walking into hospital to have my baby like any other routine appointment. I've laboured twice and while it didn't work out, and while the first in particular was horrendous, I've got this whole birth story for each of them that I feel like I'd miss out on. That said, I'm not really fussed about vbac and I don't want to go particularly late because DH is going to be home for six weeks before going offshore again which is going to be a massive help so I don't want to waste a week or two of that just waiting! So we're booked for a planned section on the 5th.

So on the one hand, I'm hoping I'll go into labour before the 5th so that I get to give vbac a shot. With my first, labour started at 40+2, with my second it was 39+5 so based on that it's possible that I won't last til the 5th. But that said, DH is offshore until the evening of 28th Feb so im really hoping I don't go into labour before then cause he'd miss it! So basically, I don't want to try anything that's supposed to encourage labour in case I go before 39+5 but I'm also hoping I'm not still waiting by 40+2 ???? I just need this baby to make his appearance pretty much on my due date and I'll be happy ???? one minute I'm thinking I should have booked the section later in case I'm still waiting, next minute I'm so worried I'll end up in labour early having to call friends to look after my kids and take me to hospital ???? I mean baby will arrive whenever he wants and it doesn't make a difference what I want but I can't help wondering how it's going to go!!

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