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My Due Date: January 8, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 35 years old
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5 weeks 6 days & general update!
By Hopeforchildren » Posted May. 14, 2019 6:14pm - 177 views - 0 comments

So happy to be here again. I am shocked and cautiously excited that I have once again gotten pregnant on my first treatment cycle of a medicated IUI. The odds are only about 20% but this is the second pregnancy in as many IUI attempts. I feel so fortunate because we didn't have to spend more money out of pocket to make it work. I had hoped that I would get pregnant on my own following Reese but after 2 years of not preventing and half of it trying, it was time to get assistance. I had been having some painful periods and odd cycle lengths, breakthrough bleeding, etc so when I saw my OBGYN he told me to just figure it out at the fertility place since I told him we wanted to get pregnant asap. He said time is of the essence since I'm 34. I don't really like this guy tbh.

Anyway so we went back to the same fertility clinic and were assigned the same protocols. They didn't require repeat testing of anything for me, just a new sperm analysis for hubby. His morph was low, like 1% normal forms. That concerned me. But before the IUI they wash the sperm and his post wash was 23 mil and apparently count is more important? Anyway repeating protocol was a big money and time saver. Interestingly my body reacted much more strongly to the injectables this time around and I only used them twice instead of 4 times in the follicular phase. There was already a 19mm follicle on day 10 (one trailing shortly behind it on the other ovary) so the trigger was done that evening and IUI scheduled for 830am on CD12 (Apr 17). It was strange to ovulate so early, especially since I also got my period extremely early this month, only a 24 day cycle. That didn't give me a good feeling. Despite it all, it worked. Funny the consultation appointment was April 2nd and I was already pregnant before month's end. First beta 256 was on 14 dpo, May 1. But my first positive pregnancy test was 9dpo!!! The electricity went out that morning and I had to get out the flashlight. Couldn't see anything. By the time I got home from work it was a faint line though :) So here I am to document pregnancy #2! I came back and did a lot of cross referencing to #1 already so its good to journal it.

Yesterday I had pretty strong nausea. Today wasn't nearly as bad. I'm taking two diclegis before bed each night. It is now fully covered by my insurance, cost is literally 0.00!!! The dr originally wanted to put me on bonjesta but that cost like $700, no thanks. My biggest symptoms besides fluctuating nausea are debilitating fatigue, and I'm freezing cold all the time. A little lightheaded at times when I feel pulls in uterus. Also been noticing a very keen sense of smell and an OUT OF CONTROL appetite. I had a chest cold last week which I got from Reese and that sucked!!! I think it is finally gone now. One fun change about this pregnancy is that I needed to go on PIO shots 7dpo thru to week 10. My hubby finally has his technique down so I'm down to feeling almost nothing each night when we do them. Reese likes to watch and pretend with her medical kit. She doesn't yet understand what is happening but she has been SOOOO clingy lately. Before I got pregnant we talked about siblings and she said she would like a "stister" AND a brother. I said well you better pray to God then! She proceeded to remember this conversation and pray it randomly over the next few months, which slayed me! I love that little girl. Well now she got her prayer! First scan is next Friday May 24. I'll be a little over 7 weeks. Cannot wait !!!!!!!!

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