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My Due Date: May 1, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old

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8 week ultrasound and updates
By sonata85 » Posted 35 weeks ago - 89 views - 5 comments

Hi Ladies! After my unpleasant ER ultrasound experience, I got to see my little one last Thursday! The tech is the one I’ll have throughout the pregnancy. She used to work at a high risk clinic so was super thorough and really kind. She gave me a ton of pics, and they’re the clearest US pics I’ve ever gotten so early. Baby measured 8w4d, 2 days behind LMP but ahead of when I think O was. So my OB is sticking with LMP-based due date. I’m due May 1st and will probably have a scheduled c-section in week 39. She doesn’t schedule them any earlier than that unless there’s a problem, so that’s great. I was really worried about having an OB who is a year younger than I am/not too long out of med school, but I really like my new OB a lot. She answers all my questions and is super calm.

Other news—we closed on a house on Monday and are moving in Saturday. I can’t wait to start decorating!! I finally told my mom about the pregnancy, and she was just as cruel about it as I thought she would be. I got to hear the “you lied about taking your birth control and tricked your husband, etc. thing” which is complete bullshit. I started the pack a day or so late while we were in between insurance. Yes, not the most careful I could have been, but we weren’t using any protection until my younger daughter was 7 months, so yeah I didn’t expect anything to happen. I want to be happy. It’s just hard to be happy when my mom is being so mean. Our relationship is pretty complicated. We’re close, but she uses things I confide to her against me. IDK. I’m 33 years old. I should have stopped giving a crap what she thinks years ago.

Anyway, symptoms aren’t too bad. Occasional waves of nausea but nothing more. My weight didn’t go up this week, which is fine since I’ve got some extra fluff. The bloat is going down. I’m posting a pic of me with my 15 month old after we closed on the house. She wasn’t smiling because she had spent the past 5 minutes trying to eat my one nice necklace lol Hope everyone is doing well. I get my NIPT bloodwork done Friday at 10 weeks so praying everything is fine.

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 35 weeks ago
Hi Calvingirl! Thanks so much. Yeah. Critical moms can be rough. I think what’s most upsetting g is she was over the moon for baby #1. We were planning a wedding at the time and she was more excited about the baby than the wedding. #2 she was excited but also criticized how soon I got pregnant again. Now she thinks #3 is a joke, or at least is trying her best to deny there is a #3 on the way. My MIL figured it out when she visited. I was only 5 weeks, but when I wasn’t drinking wine with dinner she asked, and I have no poker face at all. She said she was happy but I’m putting a financial burden on her son, and she thinks I’m going to die of preeclampsia and leave the girls motherless. Yep. She actually said that. Whew! Drama, drama, drama.

Comment from calvingirl » Posted 35 weeks ago
Your daughter is just the cutest! Congratulations on the house! How exciting! I have a critical mom too, but I just avoid her when I can't take the negativity. I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 35 weeks ago
Thank-you, hopingforbfp! I think she’ll eventually come around. Hope you’re getting some rest and feeling well!

Comment from hopingforbfp » Posted 35 weeks ago
Your daughter is so darn ADORABLE!!

Comment from hopingforbfp » Posted 35 weeks ago
Ouch...what your mother said sounds harsh! I hope she'll come around. Make yourself happy and don't let others bring this beautiful part of your life down...
I hope all goes well for you!

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