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My Due Date: May 1, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old

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Scare at 15 weeks *updated*
By sonata85 » Posted 34 weeks ago - 138 views - 4 comments

Here’s the update after Friday: I spoke with the nurse today. My OB doesn’t think the cyst in the placenta is a cause for immediate concern. I have an appointment next Thursday and will probably go for my anatomy scan a little earlier than anticipated on Dec. 5, which will be 18w6d. Anyone else ever had a cyst in the placenta before? Grasping at straws here.

Hi Ladies- the last few days have been rough. Friday morning, my 2.5 year old had a hearing test under anesthesia. She has some moderate loss in her right ear and mild in her left. We think it’s possibly from birth, but the newborn hearing screen they did isn’t as thorough as the Automatic Brainstem Response test she just had. She also had ear infections and fluid buildup probably longer than she was showing symptoms. A hearing aid in her right ear may help. My main concern is that she has a language delay, though at least we know now it’s due to hearing. She’s saying more words every day it seems, so I’m hopeful she’ll be ok. We use some sign language, and that’s really helping her communicate too. So anyway, while my daughter was in the OR, I went to the bathroom and was bleeding bright red. My heart completely sank. I was supposed to stay with my husband to help with our 16 month old and get the test results, but I called my OB and was told to come in immediately. Luckily I was already in the hospital. Got there and the nurse came out with me and said there’s no way the dr can see me/ultrasound machine booked, so my dr wanted me to go to the ER and would follow up. I was crying so the nurse walked with me to the ER and explained what was going on. I had an ultrasound and luckily this time got a tech who let me look at the screen for a second. I saw baby boy in there kicking like crazy. FHR was 154. Got my results back and was expecting a subchorionic hemorrhage like last pregnancy. Nope. Source of the bleeding wasn’t found. But I have an anterior placenta (boo! Had one with my first and didn’t feel movement for a long time), and there was an 8mm cyst in the placenta. I’ve never heard of a cyst in the placenta. Of course I googled it and a bunch of scary stuff came up. It sounds like the cyst is a cause for concern if it 5cm or bigger. Since mine is much smaller than that, hopefully there’s no cause for concern. So much for slipping under the radar this pregnancy! The bleeding stopped within 30 minutes, then just a little brown spotting a few hours after. I just pray the anatomy scan doesn’t show anything troubling and the cyst stays small. I don’t want this pregnancy to fly by, but 24 weeks seems a long way off. Just want to get to viability and of course bring a healthy little boy home.

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Comment from sonata85 » Posted 33 weeks ago
Thanks so much, starburstice! I see my OB on Thursday and will see what she says about the cyst.

Comment from starburstice » Posted 33 weeks ago
So scary! Praying so hard for you mama!

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 34 weeks ago
Thanks, hun! Yep it was one big mess of a day, but I’m trying to stay positive. I appreciate your prayers <3

Comment from Angela18 » Posted 34 weeks ago
Geez, girl, so sorry you had to go through all of that. I’m glad baby is ok, but I’ll keep you in my prayers and your little ones. Keep us updated...Sometimes it seem impossible to have an uneventful pregnancy doesn’t it, there’s always something to worry about. Hang in there, girl!

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