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My Due Date: May 1, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old

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Update from OB appointment at 17 weeks
By sonata85 » Posted 36 weeks ago - 213 views - 7 comments

Hi ladies! Just reporting what my OB said about the 8mm cyst in my placenta. She said it’s a placental lake, which is just a small collection of my blood in the placenta. It’s like a SCH just in a different place. As with any bleeding in pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is slightly higher, but so many normal pregnancies have bleeding and positive outcomes. She’s not worried. Of course I still am. I read a little more about placental lakes (damn you Google and my curiosity). One study showed no difference in outcome with placental lakes. They occur in 2% of pregnancies and often sonographers don’t even mention them because they’re not a problem. But then I read another study saying placental lakes and an anterior placenta could be a sign of placenta accreta. Of course I’d rather my baby be ok and have a hysterectomy due to accreta, but I’d of course like my uterus to be ok after giving birth. My husband is done with kids after 3 but I can’t be done yet. Even if I don’t have any more after this pregnancy, the possibility of it never being able to happen again at age 34 is sad for me. Idk why I feel this way. I love my children more than anything, I love being pregnant, I love being a mom, and loved the experience of having my tiny preemies as scary as that was at the time. I’m going to have to let go of the baby phase at some point. Ugh. So yes I am way overthinking everything and really need to stop googling stuff. Trying to be thankful for what I have. I don’t sound thankful. I just sound scared. The good points are i’m feeling more movement, and I was able to book my anatomy scan next Thursday for 18+6. My dr wanted it closer to 20 weeks, but since it can be done as early as 18 weeks she said if I could get in the schedule it’s ok. I just need to see him and see that the stupid lake isn’t bigger, and make sure the stupid placenta is normal, and sure I want him to be healthy. So that’s where I am. I hate that this is yet another worried journal entry but until the baby is safely in my arms it’s hard not to worry. Anyway Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends tomorrow. Praying I can focus on the good instead of the scary stuff

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 35 weeks ago
Just reading your comment Angela18. Thanks for the encouragement!!! Being a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done. We’ll see how we adjust to 3. My great grandma had 12 kids so 3 doesn’t sound like a lot to me I guess lol

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 35 weeks ago
Haha Hopeforchildren sorry you have them too. I’m glad things are going ok for you though—that’s encouraging. It’s got to be so annoying to hear it at every scan. Thanks for the prayers, starburstice! I will update after my anatomy scan this Thursday <3

Comment from starburstice » Posted 35 weeks ago
Praying, I know it all sounds so scary, just remember usually it sounds worse than it is. Sending so many hugs and prayers <3

Comment from Hopeforchildren » Posted 35 weeks ago
I have placental lakes too. I hate hearing about it at every ultrasound. I now just tune out the dr. They are stayin the same. I wonder if when we give birth to the placenta we can look at these darn lakes...maybe burn them... :D

Comment from Angela18 » Posted 36 weeks ago
Hugs, my friend, I feel your pain. First, I’d bring your concerns to the table with your doc because he/she can give you a better understanding of your situation via what they’ve seen. I’d think if there was concern of accreta she’d have mentioned it, right? Again, I’d talk to them about it all and get it on the table.
2nd, I am completely on the same page with you on the more kid thing (obviously, right?) The idea of it being final is hard for me to digest, as this has been the most fulfilling part of our lives. I know it’ll have to come to that one day soon, but I’m not taking it gracefully. That’s I guess why we’ve decided to continue to have no regrets about it. Give it time, maybe he will come around. Maybe talk in a time when he isn’t still frustrated by this current pregnancy. This way emotions aren’t so charged, idk, but I feel for you my friend. The gift of life has been my favorite part of life and it will b

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 36 weeks ago
Thanks, dear! Yes I need to stop Googling and enjoy this pregnancy. It’s flying by!

Comment from Mrsford2 » Posted 36 weeks ago
Great to hear your appt went well! I’m glad your doctor isn’t concerned, but it’s so hard not to worry when there’s something going on that’s out of the norm. Hang in there, and try to stay off Google (I’m also so guilty of this - eek)

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