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My Due Date: May 1, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old

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Growth Scan update
By sonata85 » Posted 6 weeks ago - 453 views - 5 comments

Hi Ladies and hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day! Sad again to see losses on here. I hope rainbow babies are just around the corner. I had my growth ultrasound and biophysical profile ultrasound on Thursday. It was pretty discouraging. Last time, baby measured in the 3rd percentile. This time he was less than the first percentile which means delivery at 37 weeks instead of 38-39. The good news is he did grow at least—up to 1 pound 11 ounces, so he gained 7 ounces. The biophysical profile was great. Fluid is normal, he practiced breathing immediately, and he moved a ton. So again, another MFM came in to give me the news that he’s a healthy but super tiny baby. I’m just having flashbacks to my first pregnancy and how terrifying it was to find out my little girl was 3 pounds 14 ounces at 36 weeks and how scared I was every week going in for ultrasounds that she would have to be delivered. I must have looked pretty upset because the US tech was really sweet and told me to just breathe and keep eating healthy and asking if I was ok. I have 8 MFM ultrasound visits leading to 37 weeks so I’m just going to have to take this 1 week at a time. I have the list of appointments on the refrigerator so I can cross them off. My bag is packed, including about 5 different homecoming outfits for baby depending on how tiny he actually is. I guess I’m thankful I’m under such close observation. It’s nuts to think that a 30 week baby might be better if outside than on the inside, but sometimes this stuff just happens. I’m praying so hard we get to 37 weeks. My blood pressure is a little elevated but not to a point that the drs are worried. I’m eating pistachios, lentils, garlic, tuna, tons of oatmeal, and anything that’s considered good food for keeping blood pressure in check. So that’s where I am right now. I came home Thursday feeling like I just wanted to crawl in bed and not come out, but after my girls napped, I took them outside to play and realized how much they just really need me to be strong for them. My husband and I went out for dinner last night, and when we got home, my 2.5 year old ran up and grabbed my legs and said “I love you, mama.” So there’s also the good stuff happening too. I’ll keep you all posted!

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 5 weeks ago
Thanks, calvingirl! Good to know Phoebe caught up—gives me hope for my little guy. My girls came home at 4.5 pounds so if I can even get there maybe things will work out. My OB said she’d be completely happy with a 5 pound baby from me lol

Comment from calvingirl » Posted 5 weeks ago
I'm thinking good thoughts for your little one to grow grow grow! I know how I felt when my phoebe was under 5th percentile and how freaked out I was, but she did catch up after week 30 and was almost 6lbs at 37 wks. You might just have tiny babies and doctors don't know how to deal with genetically small babies. Glad your BP is under control, which is a much bigger deal! Crossing fingers for you!

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 5 weeks ago
Oops typos lol typing really fast on my phone

Comment from sonata85 » Posted 5 weeks ago
Thanks so much!! I can always use the prayers. Saw my ON today and the goal is to deliver at my original hospital at 37 weeks. Blood pressure decent, there was a little protein in my urine, but no preeclampsia diagnosis at this point (even if it was mild/moderate preeclampsia, the goal would be 3$ week delivery). Soo praying this baby gets up to 5 pounds!

Comment from Angela18 » Posted 5 weeks ago
I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this. I'm just glad your doctors are on top of it. Will be praying for you all xo

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